Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not As Planned

Good Morning Friends!

My work schedule is going to be changing as of today, I'm going to be working 3 long days a week instead of 5 short days. It wont really change much as far as the blog is concerned other than meaning that I will need to be a little more prepared with my posts.

Also, I have several large orders to work on from my etsy shop... things that take longer to put together than I thought they would... Eeek!

For now, check out these treasuries I made yesterday!



And here's some food for thought :)



  1. Wow, Janee, you have two lovely treasuries there. Well done. But be warned ...they are highly addictive. I have made quite a few over the past year, and now my daughter, Jill, has begun curating treasuries as well. (Damn she's GOOD) We go by the joint name 'Lilliput Loft' so now we are each signing our name to the ones we create so people can tell who is the curator. To date, I have had two of my curated treasuries make it to Etsy's Front Page. (!!!!) Check with Craftcult for updates on your treasuries, to see if any make it to FP. If you can find the time, click on this link to see ours:

    Happy curating!

  2. Victoria, Thanks for the compliments! And thanks for the warning too :) I'll be extra careful not to get addicted! You're treasuries are lovely indeed. It'll be a while before mine look as good as yours I'm guessing :) Craftcult seems really interesting too, I'll spend more time looking at it when I've got some extra time.

    Talk to you again soon!


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