Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm gettin' my butt kicked over here!

Good, slow and sleepy, Morning to you Friends :::YAWN:::

Are any of you getting YOUR butt's kicked by this time change like I am??? It was SO hard to get out of bed this morning.... The alarm went off and I thought I MUST HAVE been dreaming. But, sadly, I was not.

This Fine Art Print from PurdyPrints on Etsy is helping to cheer me up though! And speaking of Etsy... I put some new items in my shop this weekend! Here they are:

3. Lion King Garland (EXTRA long!)

Yay! Greg and I didn't do anything quite as exciting as going to the park and the cemetery this weekend...But I did get a few more things made. I made this super cute headband based on a tutorial I found here.  I made mine slightly different, but it's basically the same thing. Now...I'm not usually a headband sorta girl, in fact this is probably the first one I've worn since... well... since before I can remember! And it's DEFINITELY the first one I've made. {{{Feel free to make fun of me for this next part}}} I got the headband all made and ready to go, went to the bathroom... and realized I had no idea how to put the darned thing on! After a few scary and wild attempts I got Greg to help me and by sheer luck and team work we managed to get the headband on and looking GOOD! Judge for yourself:

{{{Not too bad, right!?!}}} 

Moving on. Greg bought me these really gorgeous flowers at market night in downtown this weekend. How sweet is he? He's the best husband ever :) And we even got a bonus with the flowers! We got them home and I put them in my *awesome* yellow Crate and Barrel vase, then we sat down to eat dinner and thats when out of the corner of my eye I saw a little wiggly giggly happening. It was a pretty green caterpillar! This little guy was a super active bugger, he climbed all over the place. An acrobat if I ever saw one :)

So check out the second picture down on the left. See that darker green line going down his back? That's his spinal fluid! And we could see it pulsing! CRAZY! {{{God you are so much bigger and more creative than I am...}}} As for the actual flowers, does anyone know what they are called? I really really love the little yellow fluffy pom pom looking ones but I have no idea what they are. Victoria, I don't know why but I feel like you're going to be my girl for this one. Got any ideas?

And for one final note: I found this on Fail Blog this weekend and I thought it was SO funny. Boy am I glad I never have to go to school again! :::WHEW::: Monday's do look brighter when I think about it that way! :)



  1. Haha, that sign is great.

    Dan was supersweet this weekend too. Treated me to breakfast, bought me a necklace, treated me to lunch, bought grocieries and a movie. We're lucky girls!

  2. Oh so hard to get out of bed this morning!
    Great headband! And I love your flower friend.

  3. Woah Rac! You are so spoiled! We are lucky girls indeed :)

  4. Hey Janee,
    thanks for dropping by earlier on, and leaving a comment...and a question. That pom-pom-like yellow flower is Wattle.
    Australia's official national floral emblem, featured on the coat-of-arms. Possibly the best known amongst the Australian plants.
    It usually has a wonderful scent. But it can cause a little havoc with asthmatics. It also doesn't seem to have a long vase life...I've found that the little pom poms start to shrivel pretty soon after cutting.
    I'm surprised that you were able to buy wattle in the US. But I guess that nowadays, anything is possible.
    I'm a bit the same, when it comes to putting on a hairband. It is all a bit too hard for me, I'm afraid. I opt for clips or those hairbands that just sit on the top of your head, and do not need to tackle the undergrowth at the back of ones head.
    Yours looks great...and good job of getting it to stay where it should.
    Your chubby green friend will no doubt visit you another day, in the near future, as he flys past you in the garden, looking all svelte and skinny...and sporting a fine pair of wings.♥

  5. "...this little 'wiggly giggly' over here" is one of my favorite lines I've read on any blog ever.

    Once again, I am impressed by your artycraftiness (see how I just made that word up?), but this is not a blog I would read if you weren't so dang funny.

  6. Victoria! I just KNEW you were my girl!! Thank you so much for helping me out! The Wattle does smell great, and it sure did shrivel up fast! Its funny, I didn't think to ask the people I bought it from about it, but it came from their home garden so they must've figured out a way to grow it in our desert climate. It might be similar enough to Australia for it to work.

    The problem I have with those headbands that just sit on your head is the awful headache they leave. I tried one a couple times and it just killed me.

    I'm greatly looking forward to seeing my caterpillar friend in his more exotic form...Maybe I'll coax him inside again :)

    Thanks again V! You are awesome!


  7. Faris. I'm glad you liked my silly description. I'm also highly impressed with your made-up word :) To be honest, its been a learning experience for me trying to be funny, and natural, in writing. Academic writing is always so serious, its hard for me to transition to still sounding like myself and yet crack jokes at the same time. It's really encouraging that, as someone who knows me well, you think I'm succeeding at it.

    Miss you!

  8. LOL - love it!!!!
    Blessings and magic,


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