Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ranunculus and Rocks

Good Morning Friends!

I told you to watch for more photos of my lovely ranunculus and here they are! I finally downloaded the Pioneer Woman's action sets for photoshop. Oh wow. They are fantastic! There's an action for every mood :) {{{Literally!}}} I hope these make you feel bright and sunny inside.

Also on the agenda, Bobo {{{the little one I nanny}}} and I painted with Crayons on rocks yesterday. I got the idea here. It was actually really cool. I personally believe {{{Oh, no, I have not forgotten you my friend}}} that mine turned out the best :::wink wink:::

{{{Mine. Clearly the winner in any rock beauty contest.}}}

Okay, time to go. Time is running thin and my to do list isn't getting any shorter. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! It's almost the weekend!



  1. Your flower pics are gorgeous!

  2. Yes they are, wow! And I really love this rock project. I think I might try it with my little one.

  3. The flowers are SO beautiful, I must get my hands on some! I love the crayon idea too, I'm going to check it out - thanks!

  4. You should definitely do the rocks Rac. Just don't oven them for too long, or let them cool down a bit longer than they say to. We didn't let ours cool down at all and the crayons got too runny. At least I thought they were too runny.



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