Monday, April 25, 2011

Keeping Busy

Good Morning Dear Friends!

It seems that even without a job life is crazy busy. In fact there seems to be more to do now that I don't have a job then when I did have one! I'm working on something for NoMarkAtAll's May original idea hasn't been going well so I'm having to revise my plan, and quickly. Sorry Rac, I'm hurrying I promise! And for those of you who've entered my birthday giveaway, be sure you visit my shop again soon because I've added quite a few garlands :) For those of you who haven't entered my giveaway, you should do so pronto! You've only got today and tomorrow to enter! I'll post some images of the new garlands in a minute. But for now, I wanted to show you all how cool I am {{{ cool}}}. The Beard and I went shooting this weekend with his oldest and closest friend, it was totally awesome.

{{{This is my dreams...}}}

{{{This is me, in reality}}}

{{{This is the pigeon about to go flying}}}

There you have it. I can shoot a gun and cook. Really helpful if we lived out on the ranch. Unfortunately, at present, my skills with a gun don't enter everyday life. Maybe after the 2012 apocalypse? Actually lets not plan on that happening... :)

So back to our previous conversation. Here are some images of my new garlands. Be sure you visit my shop!

{{{A short version of the N America atlas garland}}}

{{{A pretty green summer garland}}}

{{{A upcycled to-go bag garland...this one seems to be a hit so far}}}

I have something else special to show you, that I'm pretty sure will be ready by tomorrow. At least I'm hoping so. Yes I'm going to post tomorrow, and I've got something fun in mind for all you mom's out there so be sure to stop by.  Also, I've been working on a project I was commissioned to help with. I can't wait to show it to you all but I don't think it will be ready for some time. Just know that it's coming :) Have a great Monday everyone!



  1. Oooh, that's so fun! I haven't shot a got in a long while but I remember it being a blast (pardon the pun). Have you ever tried throwing knives? That's my 'cool' hobby. How I get out of being called a computer nerd.

    Fun fact: 2012 apocolypse is on my 12/21 birthday!

    AND, soon, when I can afford it, I'm going to have you make a garland for my daughter's room, because it would be lovely.

    Excited to see what you're cooking up for the giveaway!


  2. Shot a got. Haha, yes that's exactly what I mean. Ahem gun*

  3. I need to get a shotgun to kill all the zombies when that apocalypse happens.

    ♥ sécia


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