Friday, May 13, 2011

Chicken With No Head

Hello Dear Friends!

Recently I've been feeling like a chicken with my head cut off. I've got way to many things happening at once, especially for a girl who likes peace and quiet. As a result today's post may feel a bit scatter brained :) Lets start with the easy stuff, the inspirational images. Boy are they good. The image of the cow is from Pioneer Woman's Blog, if the cow makes you laugh as hard as I did you should go read the full post.

Sources from top left to bottom right:::

1. Cow
2. Pretty Light
3. Brown and Red
4. Hand Dyed Fabric by Resurrection Fern

Yesterday I had to take Luna to get his wings clipped. He did pretty good, but it still wasn't a fun experience. And now he's mad at me because he cant fly to the next room to get away from me :::thank GOD::: Here's the unhappy camper in his travel cage:

{{{Poor baby...}}}

As we were driving a got a chance to take a photo of the latest atrocity from the church down the street. These people are crazy. Whoever gets to decide the phrases for this sign should be shot. Seriously. Although this weeks isn't as bad as the time it said, "Need money? Get a job." Could we be a little more condescending please?

And last, as promised here are some photos from our Mustache Birthday Party Extravaganza! I have to admit, I feel really sad about them. The light in our apartment is SO bad that I had a hard time getting even any decent pictures of it. So I apologize for the terrible pictures. Our apartment is dingy and ugly, but I'm doing my best with it. The party was insanely fun non-the-less. My favorite part was the hours of Just Dance 2 we all played on the Wii. Best ever!

That's all I've got for today. Now I've got to get back to the grinding wheel. I'm running out of time to make all the things I want to for the craft fair!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. That mustache party looks like it was SO fun!

  2. I think the pictures turned out great! How fun. And now i really want cake.

  3. Very festive party decorations!! What fun!
    Luna looks sweet, even after 'the procedure'!:)

  4. Tara - Thanks so much! It really was a great time :)

    Rac - Dude, no one ate my cupcakes...probably because there were plenty of cake pops, but STILL! I had to give all the cupcakes away the next day to our neighbors because I was literally the only one to eat one at the party. Lame. But at least the cake pops were a hit! Heheheh.

    Heather - Luna actually is much happier now that he doesn't have as much freedom. It sounds sad, but it certainly makes being with him much sweeter!



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