Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Featured Artist::: Jonathan Hobin

Hey Everyone!

Just as a side note; before we get to our artist of the day. Have you seen the graphic Google has on their home page? Its in honor of a dancer, Martha Graham, who I've never heard of, but some of the Google Images relating to her are gorgeous! Here's one:

{{{Source Google Image search}}}

Now to business! Our artist today Jonathan Hobin has some VERY interesting work. His bio on his website says, "Jonathan Hobin is an award-winning photographer and art director. Hobin's work draws on iconic literary, cinematic and historical references and popular culture to explore the darker - or at the very lease, the more troubling - aspects of childhood, imagination and storytelling."

Here are some images from his series titled "Mother Goose"

{{{Images can be found on Jonathan's website and on Behance Network}}}
{{{Mother Goose}}}

{{{Peter Pumpkin Eater}}}

{{{Jumping Joan}}}
{{{Jack and Jill}}}

{{{Three Men in a Tub}}}

Here are some images from his series titled "In The Playroom"

{{{Images can be found on Jonathan's website and on DesignBoom}}}
{{{The Twins}}}

{{{Dear Leader}}}

{{{Boxing Day}}}

{{{Diana's Dead}}}

{{{Seal Heart}}}

His work is technically and visually stunning, but haunting. The first image of Mother Goose, and this last one called Seal Heart both really get me.  He has tons of other amazing work on his website. {{{Just be careful because some of his work is a little risqué}}} I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did! See you on Friday!



  1. Poor kiddies. Those photos are fantastic!

    ♥ sécia

  2. Janee, I love these! I want the mother goose one. Fantastic! Diana's dead sort of got to me, but it's all so tastefully done. Wow.

  3. Seriously, so good right? I LOVE the Mother Goose one. I like how because its so tastefully done he can get away with ones like "The Twins" without being insensitive you know?



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