Friday, May 27, 2011

The Gift of Flight

Good Afternoon Friends!

Sorry I'm late! Remember how I took Luna to get his wings clipped last week? Well.... they've grown out since then. So weird. Its supposed to be 6-8 weeks between clippings, not 6 days. So I took him in again today. I told the nice gentleman who clipped Luna's wings again today about our situation and he said that was "very odd". I guess we'll see what happens this time. I'm not feeding him miracle grow I promise.

Needless to say, my crazy coconut wasn't very happy with me... But now he's home and safe and hopefully less likely to run fly away from me :)

Onwards an upwards. Here are our inspiring images for the week. You'll notice plenty of miniature human beings. No, I'm not pregnant, and no I don't intend to be anytime in the next decade...or maybe century. But there are plenty of cute little ones out there!

Sources from top left to bottom right:::

1. Candy Store
2. What We Wore - Baby
3. I LOVE lemon
4. Eleanor's Tea Party
5. Color Collective
6. Baby Elsie {I just had to share this photo again!}
7. Damask
8. Oh so RED

Tea Party week may be over, but it will live on forever in our hearts!!!! {{{Well, that might be an exaggeration}}} It was such a splendid event! Now I'm thinking this post probably should've been all tea images to end the week with a bang.... oops, sorry about that. Don't forget to head over to Wild Olive again. Mollie still has plenty more fun for us today!

Enjoy your weekends everyone!!


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