Monday, May 16, 2011

Interrogation::: Rachell {No Mark At All}

Good Morning Friends!

Today we are going to start something new. As I mentioned last Monday, I'm going to be doing some new and hopefully more interesting things around here. One of those things are Blog/Etsy Shop "Interrogations". They're really just interviews but I'm doing my best to spice them up :) I've gotta keep you all on your toes right?!?

Our first guest is Rachell Taylor from No Mark At All Blog and No Mark At All Photography. Rac is one of my closest "blog friends". She found me here on my first day and we've been in constant communication ever since. I'm really looking forward to sharing her with all of you so please give a warm welcome to RACHELL!!!!

1. Tell us a little bit about you as a person.

    Me as a person? Oh jeez. I guess the first thing that comes to mind is I'm very driven. Very goal oriented. I'm always working towards something. And when I get a bit blue, a new goal sets me right back on track. I have super long days working as a photographer and also full time managing a bistro in a retirement home north of Seattle. It really caters towards my love of taking care of people and baking.
     I live 60 miles south of my work and commute every day. Its hard, but I love my small town of Puyallup and I really love my job so in my stubbornness I refuse to give up either. Let's hope gas prices go down soon.  I live with my boyfriend Dan of 3 years, my 7 year old daughter Eisling and our two cats Sushi and Bang Bang. 

2. Tell us how/why you started NMAA
    No Mark At All started off simply as a photo blog. Just new photos, no words. I love to write though and eventually wanted to start putting my voice out on the posts too. Always feeling the need to explain myself, short paragraphs turned into full blown posts and then when people started leaving comments, I fell in love with the 'blog world'.
    After I started my photography business, my blog became an extension of myself to other creatives. I've found my favorite thing to do is befriend and promote other artists as much as possible because there are so many creative and wonderful people out there that amaze me every day. And how fun is it to say "Oh! I have a friend that is a painter/metal smith/decorator/seamstress/designer etc..." ? These people inspire me and in return I want to be a source of inspiration for them.

3. What do you do when you're not blogging?

    That's when I sleep.  Just kidding!  I am on the computer a lot, but when I finally get the chance to step away, Dan and I love music and movies and food. I cook a lot (even outside of work) for friends and family. I throw dinner parties pretty often. When the weather cooperates we usually try and get outside for some new photos and maybe a hike or two. If nothing else, the park is always a go to. When its pouring rain, Dan and I try new restaurants, spend hours in book stores, thrifting, we love going to local concerts (we're in Seattle after all).

4. Who are some other bloggers that inspire you?

    *ahem* Janee.  Hehe, and CampfireChic, Lemon&Raspberry, JoytheBaker, Orangette, Elle Marie and Orange Juice Etc are all daily must reads.

5. What can we look forward to on NMAA?

    I really really want to have guest bloggers. Not just guest features, but actual posts from other creatives. How fun to make my blog be more of a community. I've got Etsy Shop features booked til November, and I have tons more to share from Hard Not To Love. I've also just discovered Pinterest, so... that could get dangerous.
    On a personal level, Dan and I plan to head to California for a road trip (probably the Redwoods or Yosemite) this summer, so tales from our adventure there! 

A little bit about NMAA Photography:

1. Tell us about your craft and how you got started.

    I fell in love with Ansel Adams when I found his book at a yard sale when I was like... 6 or something. Super young. His photos are majestic and striking and I wanted to be that person that witnessed those things. I got myself a camera off of Ebay (one of those ones you put a floppy disk right into!) and started looking around for real. What else could I witness?
    Some of my early photos now seem sort of sweet, but really silly. I shot strictly black and white and was obsessed with flowers and droplets and eyeballs. Slowly I started zooming out and realizing that photos could mean something.  
    When I was a bit younger, I was very sensitive about what other people liked. If someone else didn't like a photo I was really proud of, I'd delete it. Now I've learned not everyone is going to like my art and I'm robbing myself of the pleasure of being a photographer who enjoys her own work. So I quit doing that and have saved nearly every photo I've ever shot. I let people pick out there favorites but I ignore the negatives.
2. What has been your best experience through your Etsy shop?

    So far, its not sales! Haha.  No really, it's flattering that I've been featured in so many treasuries.

3. What is your favorite item in your shop and why?

    So far, it's Birch Lines.  Not only because I love Birch Trees in general but also because I drove past that shot 100 times, telling myself I'd pull over next time and finally get it. It was pouring rain when i was driving down that back road and traffic stopped literally right where I'd need to pull off so I could go get the shot. It was like something was telling me today is the day. So I pulled off, sat in my car staring at those trees for a long time, considering just how I'd approach a shot I'd been thinking of taking for months now.  Sometimes I feel shots deserve justice and taking just a quick snap isn't fair.  Is that silly? Well that particular shot stuck with me and I loved it. I was so proud that I finally did something. Its a reminder to just stop the car when you see something, don't make yourself wait.

Thank you Rachell!!!! Don't forget to stop by Rachell's blog and etsy shop!

And come back next Monday for our next interrogation with Abbey from Aesthetic Outburst!


  1. This is great! I love Rachell's blog and since I'm kinda new to the whole blog following thing, it's nice to get to know the peeps. :)

    ♥ sécia

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it Sécia! Be sure to watch for Abbey next week, she is seriously awesome also :)


  3. Thanks again Janee! So sweet of you!


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