Friday, May 20, 2011

A Whisp Of Cloud

Good Morning Friends,

Well, a whisp of cloud seems to be all that's left of my beautiful overcast weather :::sigh::: ho hum. I suppose it's time to get ready for the real heat. Bring it on summer, I'm not scared of you. Well. That might be a lie. I tend to get really angry when I'm all hot and sweaty sitting on my own couch. I just prefer the soft blanket-y loveliness of a cloudy day :) In any case, I have some VERY nice images for you today. I hope you enjoy them!

Sources from top left to bottom right:::

1. Mask
2. Color Collective
3. Lola's Awesome Pillow
4. White Portrait - Shannon Leith
5. I Wish I Was As Lovely As She
6. Gradient Necklace
7. Beautiful Studio
8. Purple Beach
9. Soothing Colors

I also found something really funny to share with you:::

And I thought I'd share with you some yummy treats I made for The Beard on Wednesday:

{{{Chocolate covered coffee bean clusters and strawberries!}}}

We still have the coffee bean clusters if you wanna come over and have some! Speaking of the coffee beans... They came from a long time friend of ours who owns a wonderful coffee business called Wild Goose, where he roasts his own beans! So bad ass. We actually got to go and help {watch} him roast the other night, it was really interesting. The other cool part about Wild Goose is that he donates a huge chunk of his profit to Joseph's Storehouse. Plus The Beard designed all his Wild Goose branding :) Oh yeah baby!

COMING NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Monday of next week we will have an Interrogation with... Da da da dAAAAAA....


Also next week Mollie of Wild Olive {who I have the lovely pleasure of sponsoring this month and next} is hosting a week long TEA PARTY! And we are all invited! So be sure to stop by Wild Olive all week long. I will be having a very very special tea party post here on TUESDAY! So don't miss it!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Visiting from our place to yours!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Amanda! I'm sure I'll "see" you around between our blogs frequently now!


  3. I love those cards. I read them all earlier this week and loved every single one. Those chocolate beans look delicious!

    ♥ sécia

  4. Lovely!! Omg those chocolate covered strawberries--i need some!

  5. Secia - I read them all the other day too, so addicting :) Thanks for the compliment on the coffee beans! Too bad I'm allergic to coffee...

    Lauren - Hahahaha! I'd mail some to you if they weren't all gone already! :)


  6. ahaha, love that iceberg note from the Titanic. Man I used to watch that movie a lot.

  7. Hi Eva! Thanks for your comment! That movie used to be so popular, didn't it? Not Leo's best if you ask me ;)



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