Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Featured Artist{s}::: Eiji Watanabe and Alison Worman

Hi Folks!

Today's artists are not grouped together because their work is really related in any way. It's actually very different. But I like them both and can't pick just one. In any case, you get two for the price of one! Whose gonna to complain?

EijiWatanabe lives and works in Aichi, Japan. He has done many different exhibitions of many different types of work, but this installation: "A Butterflies Eye View" is the one we are going to focus on today. He hand cut each of these little beauties!

 {{{Source + Source}}}
Alison Worman is a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art, MICA, majoring in Fibers and concentrating in Book Arts. {{{That's what her blog bio says :) }}} I don't know how many student shows you all have been to. But lets just say if I got to go to one of Alison's shows, it would be in the top 5 best I've seen! Here's a snippet of what she said for a feature on Book By Its Cover: "I am interested in the way that collage, fabric and sewing techniques can be applied to the form of the book. I explore these relationships frequently in my sketchbooks.”


If you want to see some other really really cool sketch books go here.


  1. oh woow! i was going to comment on your 95 days of summer idea (which i think is awesome) but got distracted by these sketchbooks! they're incredible! i need to hurry and get off this computer and go get crafty now, haha

  2. Wow! Love these artists. Totally inspired.

  3. wow, that site with all the sketchbooks is amazing!

    p.s. Your blog is so fun to scroll thru because you take such good and cheery pictures. Makes me want to work on my photog skills!


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