Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lists::: Day 1 - A Few Things About Me

Welcome to Day 1 of Boot Camp Kids.
It's time to get serious.

I'm just kidding! Well, mostly. Today is day one of my make-up session of 30 Days of Lists. Today's list is: "A Few Things About Yourself". I was going to make a cute list on cute paper, but then I just kept seeing images to go with each bullet point and realized my paper list wasn't going to cut it this time. Anywho, let's dive right in shall we?

1. I am a wife - My husband is the joy of my life.

2. I am a Christian - A thankful follower of Christ.

3. I am arachnaphobic - No photos please, I may faint.

4. I love cats - Black cats in particular, but really any will do. I've had more that 8 cats in my life {I lived in the mountains growing up, only the strong survived...}}}

5. In high school I had SHORT BLACK hair - it was short for 3 years and black for 5 years.

6. I am an artist as well as a craft maker and I prefer to keep a clear distinction between the two.

7. I am a NERD - see this post.

8. I am a admitted "chocoholic".

9. My favorite pet name The Beard calls me is "Wombat".

10. I'm a wannabe pastry chef.

11. I like to be a bit silly sometimes. But only sometimes.

12. This is one of my favorite images of myself:

It was taken by my first college roommate who was in a darkroom photography class at the time. I had no idea she was taking a photo of me and in fact didn't know she'd taken it until she handed me an 8x10 printed copy of the photo. The reason I really love this one isn't because its particularly flattering but because it {in my mind} really represents how I was feeling in that moment.

13. I cannot hide my emotions - Not if my life depended on it. See #11. {{{Except during Texas Hold 'Em, for some unknown reason. I've only ever lost 1 game of poker... yeah, I've made some cash from it ;) }}}

14. I own a bird -I spend at least 80 minutes per day holding/playing/focusing with Luna.

15. I think this list has gotten way out of hand. I told you guys, boot camp. Top this insanely long list!

I'm going to do my best to have all my lists "look" different. All digitized worked best today. We'll try something new tomorrow. See you then!


  1. The picture of you two with the wheel is my fave!!

  2. Aww. All my cats up until these two newest ones were black. I even had a black cat named Lucky Jinx (L.J.) who was born in a fireplace on Halloween. How cool, right?

    I just recently reinherited my old black cat Laufa, so now I have 3 (oh god, I'm that cat lady now) cats.

  3. Amanda - Hahaha! Yeah that was two Halloweens ago. I was Emilia Earhart and he was the sailor who found me adrift at sea and saved me and we sailed the world together! Hahahaha!

    Rac - That's awesome! If I could I would have 5 cats! Of course The Beard would never stand for it. Luna might not like it either... That is really cool about your Jucky Jinx! Love that.



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