Friday, August 5, 2011

Studio Tour

UPDATE::: You can see our new studio in Boston HERE!

Hi Friends!

For those of you who remember, I promised you months ago to show you around The Beard and I's studio. Well now I'm finally making good on my promise! I took these photos a couple weeks ago when I had the studio all cleaned up and looking nice. Of course, being the artist that we are, things never look the same way for too long around here. In fact my desk area already looks completely different than what you are going to see. Our computer almost crapped out the other day and it gave us such a scare that we finally gave in and went and got a new iMac. Oh is it beautiful. Let me tell you... beauuuuuuutiful. When I've got better light in here I'll take another photo of my wall so you can see how it looks now. Enough rambling. On with the photos!

{{{Disclaimer::: If the photos are blown out or pixelated I'm really sorry. There is actually really poor lighting in here and I need desperately to get a nicer camera. Moving on.}}}


 {{{The Beard's wall. Including desk and computer gadgetry. Billions of collected images. Also the door, on the left.}}}

 {{{Images from The Beard's wall: a polaroid of me when I worked at J.Crew and a photo of The Beard working at his desk in his old studio at school.}}}

{{{A piece from one of our friend's BFA shows. The Beard traded her for some design work.}}}

 {{{Wood stump pieces by The Beard. Made with wood I got for him in the forest :) }}}

 {{{Dead and tape sealed wasp.}}}

{{{A sketch of me done by our friend from school Jessica Jorgensen. She does beautiful paintings.}}}

 {{{The back of the studio door with a totally bitchin' photo of The Beard by me. A J.Crew bag with our nerf guns and ammo hanging on the handle. Icons from Rome hanging by the door. Craft drawers. And the closet... "I won't even bother tellin' you what's in there; you wouldn't believe me if I did." There is more in that closet than should be physically, mathematically possible. OH, also a self portrait by The Beard above the closet.}}}

 {{{More craft drawers, fabric and paper in these. Funny house shadow box with my knick-knacks on the wall. Thread. Sewing machine table, with alphabet letters waiting to be sewn. White shelf with more knick-knacks.}}}

 {{{Knick-knacks::: Crocheted owl, really old camera from Dad, jar of my mini paper cranes, yard sale stuff, medium format cameras: Ricoh and Mamiya - these are the ones a used through college, my preferred way to shoot, my favorite mini granny square that I've made, another old camera from Dad with some really old lithographs, crocheted octopus - pattern from Wunderkammer on Etsy, old tonka truck, needle felted puff monster by me, and some vintage bottles.}}}

{{{Vintage tins, old pencil sharpener, ribbon underneath. And a beautiful photo purchased from Shannon Leith.}}}

{{{My wall. Photos by me. Old cameras. Collected images. Supplies. Another shelf with more knick-knacks. iPad. Cutting table on the left. Side note::: The iPad and shelf are no longer there... they had to be moved to make way for the new iMac. It's huge. And did I mention it's beautiful??}}}

{{{Old wood boat - love it, dried flowers from The Beard, collected items from Italy, miniature photo from my friend, Edward Gorey, wood piece by The Beard, more wood stump pieces by The Beard underneath the shelf.}}}

{{{A few of my polaroids, stamp, ornament from Anthropologie, some of Shannon's polaroids, gorgeous embroidered box from Anthropologie with cards/notes The Beard has made for me :) }}}

And that concludes our tour of the studio. I hope you all enjoyed the trip! There are cookies, cheese and crackers, fruit, water and wine in the kitchen. Feel free to help yourselves!



  1. Awe, it's awesome! It looks like a very creative environment.

    Have a fun weekend!


  2. Janee--I love your photos! Your chair is awesome, as is your 'ribbon storage system' (great idea)...and Edward Gorey...I LOVE HIM
    (knew we were kindred spirits). I think I have more than half of the books he wrote in my collection...awesome!! XXO-

  3. i'm so jealous of how neat and inspiring your space is. love it.

  4. Looks like a good place to work and be. (and Gashlycrumb Tinies is a sister and I used to have the entire book memorized!)

  5. Wow! Jealous!!!

  6. AHHH so jealous of your work space!!

  7. I love your inspiration walls and adore your shadow box and trinkets!

    ♥ sécia

  8. aaaah i love your little knick knack shelves! and your spool holder! and that little yellow boat! and soo cute that you share the space with your man, we have a similar thing going on right now but not nearly as cute. consider myself inspired :]

  9. Oh wow, that is such a cool studio!! So many inspiring things to look at!

  10. thanks for the studio tour! you have a great space & so many pretty things to look at. ;D

  11. Your studio is super-cute!! :) Love it! I have a little Edward Gorey in my space, too - he's kind of my hero...he he.

  12. Wow..pretty awesome blog.



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