Monday, September 5, 2011

September Lists::: Day 5 {I need an app for...}

So The Beard and I got this $100 Gift Card to the Mac App store when we bought our new iMac... we still haven't spent it. Not even half of it. And I don't think we've bought even a single app with it.

Apparently I don't know what I need an app for!

Someone help me! What do I need an app for?



  1. I don't know if there is one for the iMac, I just know we have one on the Android we want to get, but... Star tracking! Ours is called Google Sky Map.

    You point the Android to the sky and the app will tell you what EXACT stars you are pointing too AND if you want to find one, which ways to turn, etc. So effing cool!!!

    HAVE FUN with whatever you get!!!

  2. Ha my list isn't up yet, but my apps are all for things which are more like dreams. More like things a personal assistant with hands and feet could do for me. :)

  3. I've always thought that they could make a Blogger app. Other blogging platforms have one (like Wordpress & Tumblr or Typepad) but Blogger.

  4. I'm sure you can find something you can't live without! :)


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