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Hello Everyone!

I've finally collected info from most of our sponsors. They are all wonderful {as usual of course}. Take some time while you're sitting on the couch watching mom bake cookies to go check out each of their lovely blogs/shops!

Hi I'm Jessica!
I am a Wife, Mommy, Romantic, Dreamer, Lover of Jesus, my family, vintage, country music, coffee, books, lip gloss, the beach & movie nights with my Hubby. {Read more about me here} I love to share my designs, my love of pretty things, handmade & all the inspiration I gather. I also love giving new life to vintage silverware & creating unique & meaningful keepsakes & jewelry, which you can take a peek at here.

I am thankful for the overwhelming amount of orders I have had these last few months, it is such a blessing!  I love what I do & am so thankful I get to do what I love! 

Laura here, and I am the gal behind the scenes over at Yesterday’s Silhouette. Besides constantly being on the hunt for all the weird and wonderful items I fill my life and shop with, I am also the proud momma to a rambunctious 21 month-old, as well as the wifey to a very handsome bearded man.

My favorite Christmas Tree ornament is one that I made with one of my oldest and best friends. We lived in Yonkers, NY, together during our last few semesters of college, and our first Christmas in the apartment we bought a bunch of blank glass ball ornaments from Michael’s and decorated them with some paint they sold which was next to the display. I can guarantee our finished product is not going to win any “prettiest ornament” awards anytime soon, but the piece is still hung on my tree every year, proudly displaying both of our names in a mess of silver and pink.

Hello! My name is britt.  I journal over at the Village Press.  It is the place where I document life's happenings through photography and the written word.  I recently dusted off my old  sewing machine, to rediscover an old passion and give it new life.  Hope to meet all you folks out there, livin' the good life...

I heart my tree topper most... I think about him all year, folded in half in a box... Dear Santa, won't you come out to play? 

HI!  We're Amanda and James, better known as Flex Family Arts.  We write a blog under the same name and run a handful of online shops featuring our hand embroidered work, photography and more.  This month we plan on getting married, hopefully launching a new site design and just having a good time celebrating the Holidays!  Please come by and check out what we are up to! 

Our favorite ornament is most definitely the cactus Santa AKA Furry cactus pickle seen here

We are currently offering free shipping in our shops with the code FRAGILE! 

My name is Gentri and I blog at Gentri Lee. I love to post about life and all of it's adventures with a little fashion, food, and crafts thrown in. I also love to blog because I gain so much inspiration from reading all of your blogs.

My favorite Christmas tree ornament is a beautiful and ornate clock. I've always loved clocks/ watches for some reason.

Hi, I'm Tessica! I have one amazing daughter, a cat that watches Criminal Minds with me and a love of all things crafty. I blog about my daughter, my crafts and my life at "I Fly Like a Bird." My Etsy shop, Bird on a Branch, is where I sell all the papers and pretties I make. There are bright hairbands, upcycled paper goods and other handmade one-of-a-kind accessories to make your day more fun.

My favorite Christmas decoration is white christmas lights- twinkly and classic, nothing better!

All December purchases get 10% off total order with the code DEC10.

Hi, my name is Kiley and I began the Let It Be Raw blog as a way to organize my photography and share it with friends. The name came from a friend's description of my photography as "raw, grainy, and nostalgic." This blog has become a larger part of my life as my passion for photography has grown into a career pursuit. Other than a photographer, I consider myself to be an amateur of many things because I thrive on constant learning. Lately I have been learning about graphic design, fungus, and jewelry making.

My favorite Christmas tree ornament is a little fire place with 4 stockings on it. It's the first ornament I remember having on the family Christmas tree.

10% of all items when you use the code LETITBECHRISTMAS

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Dearest Lou

I love the fact that I'm getting married 5 days before Christmas. This is such a happy time of year people are happy, forgiving, more giving, and more loving. I currently work at a tanning center and I love it. Winter is our busiest time of year and there's always something to do. My work goes all out when it comes to decorating, so you definitely feel the Christmas spirit!

My favorite Christmas tree ornament is my very first Christmas ornament. It has a very vintage-y feel to it.

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Hi, my name is Heather and I blog over at Finding Beauty in the Ordinary. My blog is a lifestyle blog about my faith, marriage, and adventures in my new city with my husband of 5 years and our puppy, Hartley. I am always on the quest to find beauty in the ordinary-- and extraordinary-- moments. 

My favorite ornament is a "newlyweds" ornament from Disneyland with our picture in it :) 

Mostly I sew but I am a crafty dabbler.  I sell cup cozies in my Etsy shop but make almost anything outside of that, I'm up for a challenge.  I blog about everything I make and invite people to join me every Friday in a new creating adventure. 

I have some white Christmas balls ornaments that I made when my kids were little with their hand prints and feet prints on them.  My second son was only a few days old when I made his, thanks to his December 23rd birthday! 

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Hi friends! I'm Robin and I blog over at Fly Far. Fly Free. I recently moved to the desert of Arizona for graduate school and as an escape from all the papers, projects, and readings...I blog! But, I am not one of those awesomely talented people who has crafting, fashion, or cooking skills. I have mediocre skills all around and I am proud of it (while also jealous of all you talented people out there). So, to sum up my isn't dedicated to one specific topic, it is just simply me. I hope you'll check it out!

Let me explain to you my favorite Christmas tree ornament. When I was a wee little one, in preschool, I made this spectacular ornament. I was given a cardboard gingerbread house cut out. I glued on fruit loops, cheerios, and trix! It looked like a preschool masterpiece. Every year it was placed on our Christmas tree (although, hidden in the back because my mom was not nearly as proud of it as I was). Well, now that I am much older, my mom has decided to replace all the ornaments with purple, gold, and silver colored ones. Needless to say, my masterpiece ornament is probably in a dump right now. Happy Holidays!!

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Thanks for taking the time to go visit them! Now go enjoy those cookies :)



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  2. Those FFA people are pretty awesome...

    and so are the rest of your sponsors.

  3. i think all of them are wonderful. I love the headband that Jessica is wearing. It's really cute!

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