Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Week In Instagrams

Hi Friends!

Since I got Instagram I've been taking quite a few more photos... but the vast majority of you aren't getting to see them! And since we all know how much I love sharing photos {and collages} with you my lovelies I've decided to do a weekly Instagram collage for you. Aren't you lucky?! Here's the first one, it has more photos than they normally will because it's been more than a week since I got Instagram. Let me know if this new project is fun or boring.



  1. it's fun! and your photos are beautiful. :) is this thing only for iPhones?

  2. Love all your pics! It's so much fun following you on IG! Hugs xxx

  3. have ou seen the link up on life rearranged on fridays? its all about instagram pictures, you might want to check it out...its really fun! just thought i'd let you know! love your blog.

  4. Pictures are always fun! How do you make those collages? Do you do photoshop or something simpler? Thanks!!

  5. I love seeing your photos! My favorite is the black and white Luna at the top!


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