Saturday, July 30, 2011

Julie Ann Art Giveaway Winner!

Good Afternoon Friends!

Our winner for one month free ad space on Julie Ann Art is #26 Courtney! Congratulations!!!

For everyone else, don't forget to come back on Monday for an Interrogation and giveaway from Michelle of Scissor Quirk!


Friday, July 29, 2011

In The Market

Hi Friends!

Here's the story: The Beard is beginning a new search for Grad Schools to apply to for Fall 2012. We are looking for a school that has a great Art/Sculpture program, since he is planning to get his MFA in Sculpture. We already have a few in mind, but obviously there are plenty of schools out there we don't know about.

That's where you come in! If you have any suggestions or know of any good Grad Art programs PLEASE let me know! We are even open to international suggestions. Anyone? Anyone?

Thanks in advance for your help!

{{{Image taken by me of The Beard's BFA Thesis Show - Click image for more}}}


A Dash of Color

Good Morning Everyone!

I found some pretty images to send us all off into the weekend! :) I hope you enjoy!


Also, don't forget today is the last day to enter the GIVEAWAY for a free ad space on Julie Ann Art!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Win Free Ad Space!

Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY to win a free sponsor spot on JULIE ANN ART in August!!!!!!!


Main Titles

Good Morning Movie/TV Show Fans!

If you wanna see some pretty sweet stuff that you may not have seen before, click on the images below and watch these title sequences :) You won't be disappointed. I promise.

Which one is your favorite? I really like HERBST and Any Human Heart.


Featured Artist::: Shannon Rankin

Hello Friends!

Today's artist is a genius. Shannon Rankin's work is so simple, but so stunning. It's fabulous! AND I love it because I think one of my Atlas Garlands would go nicely with her installations ;)

How many maps do you guys think she had to go through???


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hair Clip Update

Hey Everyone!

I just thought I'd give you a quick update since all of my hair clips are finally available in my shop!



Hi Friends!

Sorry for the delay in my post, I'm having a bit of trouble with my internet. I'll have it up asap! Hope you're having a great day!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Concerning The Beard

For those of you who have noticed that there is a button for The Beard, but no link. There is now! Click on the link to the right for more!


Vacation Photos Are Up!

Hey Fun People!

Our photos from our 1 year wedding anniversary trip are now up! You can see them HERE.


Tuesday Treasury::: Christmas In July Sale Favorites

Good Morning Everyone!

Now that July is almost over I think it's time we all scrambled to make our last minute Christmas in July Sale purchases! Here are some of my favorites :)

Oh! And check out this other sweet treasury my wreath was featured in!

Hope you all have a great day!

Monday, July 25, 2011

95 Days of Summer Updated!

Hi Again Friends!

Since I was gone for the first 2/3rds of the week I got a bit behind on my 95 Days of Summer posts. But they are all up to date now! Don't forget to head over and check out Rachell's photos also!

Interrogation::: Julie {Julie Ann Art} + GIVEAWAY!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

Today I'm so excited to intruduce to you a new friend of mine, Julie Astrauckas from Julie Ann Art! Julie is a super cool girl from Southern California and has a really awesome line of greeting cards which you can find here :) You should definitely check those out asap :) Welcome Julie!

1. Tell us a little bit about you as a person

   Hi there, I'm Julie! I live in California with my boyfriend and our little Terrier pup, Penny. When I am not working on my blog or Etsy shop I like to spend my free time bike riding around the neighborhood, going to the beach, and working on DIY projects.

2. Tell us how/why you started Julie Ann Art

   I just recently completely redesigned my blog. I started one as a promotional tool when I first started selling on Etsy but I never really enjoyed it. I recently realized it was because I didn't find my blog inspiring. I started spending LOTS of hours customizing my blog into a site I would visit myself. It has been an ongoing process for the past four months but I can honestly say that I've never been more proud of the design, or more importantly, the content, that I have created so far.

3. What are some of your favorite things about blogging and your blog in particular?

   My favorite thing about blogging is the ability to use it as a creative outlet. I love working on do-it-yourself projects and it's become really fun for me to share them on my blog. I also enjoying learning new tutorials on other craft blogs.

4. What networking do you to that you feel most helps your blogging business?

   Twitter has been very beneficial to me recently. I have had an account for a long time but I just recently started using it in a way that started to help my business. I think it's so great how easily you can connect and converse with other bloggers you enjoy or find inspiring. 

5. Who are some other bloggers that inspire you?

   The first blog I ever started following was Elsie Larson's of A Beautiful Mess. I have read her blog for years and it has been so amazing to watch her dream job come to life. Her blog is always filled with positivity and brilliant ideas, it's constantly inspiring.

6. Tell us about your craft and how you got started

   I have always been a creative person but it wasn't till I learned of Etsy that I thought selling my work was a possibility. I knew I wanted to open a shop immediately and locked myself in my room for days building up my inventory. I've now been selling a greeting card line on Etsy for three years and it has just recently spread to several brick and mortar stores across the U.S.

7. What has been your best experience through your Etsy shop?
   It's hard to pinpoint one thing. My entire experience on Etsy has been positive. I've learned a lot in the past three years and I'm appreciative because it all has gotten me to this point. I'm so thankful that my shop has continued to grow at a steady pace. I guess that means that so far my best experience is right now, and hopefully what's next to come will be even better!

8. What is your favorite item in your shop and why?

   My favorite item in my Etsy shop is my "Home Is Wherever I'm With You" card. It's simple, yet so sweet and it is honestly how I feel about my own relationship. 

9. What is your favorite item in someone else's shop and why?
   Oh gosh, so hard to pick! There are so many amazing shops on Etsy! I will say that right now I'm really into pretty packaging. Gift tags, pretty tape, brown kraft paper...I have a crush on cute packaging.
Thank you so much Julie for sharing with us! I love the new design of your blog, you really did do a fantastic job! And Penny is just so irresistible :) 
Don't forget to visit Julie at all her online locations!

What you will win: One month of free ad space on Julie Ann Art!

{{{for more information on advertising on Julie Ann Art see here}}}

How to enter: {{{MANDATORY}}} Be a follower of Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard as well as Julie Ann Art and leave me a comment telling me so.

Additional entry #1: Visit Julie's shop and leave a comment here telling me which of her beautiful cards is your favorite.

Additional entry #2: Blog, Tweet, Facebook, Etc. about this giveaway and leave a comment telling me you have done so. {You need to leave me a separate comment here for it to count as an entry!}

The giveaway will be running till midnight on Friday and I will announce the winner on Saturday! Good luck everyone!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Maie Dae Giveaway Winner!

Hello Everyone!

I'm so sorry for the delay in announcing the winner. I'll be honest, since we got back from vacation I've been having trouble keeping track of the days! Oops!

But here we are. The Random Number Generator says our winner is #14!!!

Congratulations Shenny! We are all totally jealous of you...


Friday, July 22, 2011

Treasure Trove


Source Unknown

Hello Friends!

I am back from vacation! We had a terrific time. Got a bit sunburnt, but we're surviving :) I'm trying to start getting caught up on everything, so if you're waiting to hear back from me please be patient with me!

Today's inspiring images are from an era not so long ago. Before I had a blog and before I knew I was going to need sources for my saved images. If any of you know where these images are from please let me know!



Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tutorial: How to put and image in your Gmail signature

Hey Everyone!

Recently several of you have asked me how I put the image in my Gmail signature so I made a quick tutorial in case anyone else has been wondering. If you already know how, you can just disregard the rest of this post :)

First, when you are logged into Gmail, click on the tab with your name on it in the upper right hand corner. Then click on the "Account Settings" button.

That will take you to this page where you should click on the Gmail - Settings button.

Then you will be on this page, where you should stay under the "General" tab

Almost at the bottom of this page you will see a text box for you Signature. This is where you will put your text and image. There is a tool button in the text box for adding images much the same as adding images with blogger.

Click the button, add your image, and viola! You're done! Easy peasy :)

I hope that was helpful for at least a few of you!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Featured Artist::: Laura Amiss

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you're all ready for some bright and cheery delights! Today I want to introduce you to the lovely Laura Amiss!!! Here is Laura's About Me from her website:

And now to the good stuff! Her work is so lovely I just know all of you are going to *LOVE* it as much as I do!

{{{All images found in Laura's Etsy Shop}}}

Laura's work is so sweet and dreamy... I just want to sail away with The Beard on one of her lovely boats, don't you? And I'd gladly dance in one of her summer thundershowers!