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Hello All!

It's that time of the month again! Time to meet our wonderful sponsors. There are many new faces this month so pay extra close attention. Don't forget to drop by their blogs and shops to say hi!

Question of the month::: Are you pro-Valentine or anti-Valentine and why?

Hi, my name is Kiley and I began the Let It Be Raw blog as a way to organize my photography and share it with friends. The name came from a friend's description of my photography as "raw, grainy, and nostalgic." This blog has become a larger part of my life as my passion for photography has grown into a career pursuit. Other than a photographer, I consider myself to be an amateur of many things because I thrive on constant learning. Lately I have been learning graphic design, cataloging herbs, and experimenting with jewelry making. If you want to learn more about film and other photography related things, drop by my blog!

I'm anti-valentines, unless I get chocolate.

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Bonjour! I'm Lou from Foxy Whiskers! I enjoy baking cupcakes, the occasional DIY, instagram, tea parties and wearing pretty dresses. You'll find all of this and more over at Foxy Whiskers, where I really enjoy sharing bits and pieces of my life with you. Follow me down the rabbit hole, where everyday is pastiche of colour and adventure waiting to happen!

I'm a fence sitter when it comes to Valentine's Day because I think that having only one day in the year to tell your loved ones how you feel is just madness! It should be Valentine's Day every day! 
Asides from that, it is wonderful excuse to share the love with everyone, especially family and friends (plus it's a great excuse to do a DIY or two!)

Hi everyone, i'm Julie from CanSoupLover. I'm a twenty-something living in Paris! I blog about my life, my adventures, my travels and    everything i love, enjoy, think, dream, wish, eat.. Sooo, will you meet me there?  :)

PRO VALENTINE! i've always love la 'Saint-Valentin'! And even if i'm single now, i still love it. Valentine's day is a time for love, not just for lovers  :)

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Little Penelope Lane

I had the biggest crush on my husband in college and I still sometimes can't believe he is mine! We just celebrated our ten year anniversary! Together we have three littles (that are getting so big)! I love being a wife and mother. I love the beach, diet coke, crafting, snow skiing, blogging, Disneyland, laughing, new adventures (that don't include airplanes or elevators) and having fun! I have LOVED getting to know more blogger friends and really enjoy the blogging/crafting world.

100% PRO Valentine. I LOVE love and I love celebrating love.

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Honey Pot Pet

EEK! We are so excited to be a part of Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard Blog today! Welcome, welcome! You may have seen us here before, but in case you missed us, Honey Pot {Pet Studios} is operated by pet lovers like you. We design and distribute a wide range of pet products that are handmade, made in USA & Canada, and that are unique and darling. Our products are uniquely designed, hand selected, tested and catered to you with materials of the highest quality standards. Come shop your heart out and find something for your furry friends (Cat & Dog), and yes! There's something for you too in the Shop You aisle.

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Pie N' The Sky

Hello there! My name is Melisa Shell. I am a recent graduate and Etsy shop owner. I love to create and I long to bring beauty to this world. I love fancy, lovely, frilly things. I like to inspire and that's what I try to do through my little blog. I started Pie N' the Sky in December of 2009; it's a lifestyle blog focused on inspiration, handmade and lovely things! My blog is full of goals, daily inspirations, projects, my Mr, fashion, and lots of photos. Pie N' the Sky is pretty much my virtual home, so feel free to explore and stop to chat. I'd love to be blog pals!

I love Valentine's Day! While I believe that you should shower your significant other with love and affection every day, what's wrong with having an extra special day set aside to say you care?? I am definitely pro-Valentine and I look forward to sharing it with my Mr this year.

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Gentri Lee

Hey guys! My name is Gentri and I blog over at Gentri Lee. I love to blog about life and all of it's adventures. Including- fashion, nature, food/ recipes, crafts/ DIY's, inspirations, and things that make me laugh. I'm a twenty something year old who usually acts like I'm 80... or 5. I love going on adventures and traveling, I think that's when I'm most happy. I'd love for you to come visit me anytime and say hello!

I am Pro-Valentine. Why not have a day where it's ok to either a. be mushy and romantic with the one you love. OR b. (which would be my case... always) spend the day watching sappy romantic comedies and stuffing your face with all the valentine goodness?

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Sew Tara

I'm Tara, I like to make things mostly sewing but I am a bit of a crafty dabbler.  I'll try any crafty thing at least once! You can usually find me in my pretty little craft corner working away on cup cozies.

I'm pro-Valentine's day!  I have fond memories of Valentine's days gone by plus I think it's great to have a day that sort of makes you stop and think about those you love.  With 2 small kids, a 'real' job, a craft blog, an online shop, and a hubby with a 'real' job who freelances too sometimes we forget to stop and appreciate one another. At least with Valentine's day I know we've been assigned some homework on the subject.

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My name is Amanda, I'm a stay at home mom to two wild little girls, Evelyn & Flora. Motherhood has taught me that childhood is a time of curiosity and fun. Jumping on the bed, coloring on the walls and dancing around to one's own beat is the energy and philosophy behind Folklure.  I spend my days dancing with my girls, browsing antique shops, knitting and blogging about motherhood and the goodies I find along the way.

I would be pro-Valentine! I like any day that gives me the excuse to drop the kids off with a babysitter and go on an actual date with the hubby!

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So, hi.

Hi there, My name is Rach and I blog over at "So, hi". It is a blog about all things beauty, fashion, love, and everything in between. I have hauls, I have reviews, I have life pictures, I have all of the adventures of my senior year, I have tips, I have tricks, I have secrets, hotties, everything. Check out the blog! Let me know you are their! I'd love to have you! :)

I am totally pro-valentine! Why? Because I think everyone needs to be reminded that they are loved. Whether it is from a significant other, a parent, a sister, any loved one. I believe that Valentines day is for all of those people you love. I don't think it is just tied down to a boyfriend, husband or partner.

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The Perfect Pear

Hi, I'm Lauren. Blogger of The Perfect Pear, craftoholic, bubble tea loving, goal maker, dress wearing, vintage loving girl who occasionally says things like "y'all" and "holy cow"! I'm also a girl with big dreams who loves blogging and would also love to have you stop by and say hello! I'd love to meet you!

I am totally pro-valentine! Who doesn't love a good reason to say "I love you" a few times extra and get an unhealthy amount of chocolate into your system? mmm Chocolate! Yes, definitely pro-valentines!

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Pics - O - Andrea

I'm Andrea.
I am a newlywed artist married to a mustachioed film maker. I love creating art, laughing at my hilarious husband (and myself. a lot), vacuuming in high heels, a good Harry Potter reference, anything that has to do with puppies, eating, learning new things, and writing about all of it on my blog. Follow along and don't forget to check out my new shop!

I have always loved Valentine's Day. My mom always gave us cute little valentines when we were little, and who didn't love picking out valentines and doing the fun/crazy exchange in elementary?? Come on. I never really focused on if I had a valentine or not (usually not), I mostly just focused on how many chocolate truffles I could fit in my mouth at once (which may or may not tie into how often I didn't have a valentine).

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Dream Catcher Baby

Hi I'm Jess! I blog over at Swenson Love/Dream Catcher Baby where I blog about my adventures of being a first time Mama, my sexy beast of a husband, "The Chaz" and crafting. I have never been more inspired than I have been by my little man this past year! My biggest inspirations have been my Etsy shop and finally deciding on where to take my photography! We're all about Catching our Dreams over here! I hope you join us!

I am so pro-Valentine! My husband and I prefer to celebrate this lovey dovey day at home with heart shaped pizza's, homemade peanut butter chocolates, and a chick flick (its probably the only day a year I can get him to watch one with me which makes it pretty great! hehe).

I would love to offer a 15% discount at my etsy shop Yellow12 will be the code.

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Petite Insanities

My name is S├ęcia and I love writing, taking photographs with my vintage polaroid and using my kitchenaid mixer. I live in the city of angels surrounded by palm trees, movie stars and congested freeways. My blog is ever-evolving and filled with the randomness that is my life.

Are you pro-Valentine or anti-Valentine and why? I am pro-anything that gives me an excuse to show more love to those around me. I think if you approach Valentine's Day with no expectations you're almost always guaranteed a good time.

Hi, I'm name is Heather! I blog over at Finding Beauty in the Ordinary-- a lifestyle blog about life with my best friend & husband of 5 years, Joshua, and our German Shepherd puppy, Hartley. We found out awhile ago that we are expecting a little baby in August and we could not be happier! We recently relocated to Tucson, AZ, from San Diego, CA, and are enjoying exploring our new city. We love Jesus and are passionate about loving people well. 

Pro-Valentine's Day! Even though I think love should be celebrated every day of the year :) 

I'm Mollie from Wild Olive! My blog and shop are filled with patterns, projects and printables, most of which include cute things with sweet faces. I love working with embroidery and felt, sipping lots and lots of coffee, and listening to good music all the while.

I'm not big into super cheesy romantic things (although, a good love story is always fine by me), but I do love Valentine's Day because it's filled with sweetness and pink and love. You don't need a sweetheart to enjoy those things!

On Valentine's Day (one day only!) everything in my shop will be buy one, get one free! Wild Olive Loves You!

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So many wonderful things to read and look at! I hope you all have as much fun with them as I do!



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