Monday, April 16, 2012

Now I Make Cake Bunting

Hi Friends!

Recently my best friend's grandmother gave me a bunch of her super duper old fabric. We are talking older than vintage here. I was so excited! I've spent tons of time trying to decide what to do with it and finally decided that with at least a portion of it I wanted to make cake bunting. Cake bunting always seems so happy and celebratory to me. What better way to say "thank you" for the fabric than by celebrating?

All bunting is available in my shop.

This last one isn't antique fabric, but I thought it was fun anyways.

I was so proud of that cake... It's a double layer funfetti cake! Ever wondered how to make your cake layers perfectly level? Well I did. I found this FABULOUS site called I Am Baker and learned some really cool new tricks.



  1. How adorable! They all look so fun and festive.

  2. Those are too cute! They make the cakes look so happy :] And I'll definitely give that baker site a look! Thanks!

  3. so CUTE! i wanna one on my birthday cake


  4. They're like bunting smiles! So happy...xo


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