Monday, May 28, 2012

Guest Post::: Michael Ann Made

hey yellow bird friends! i'm michael ann from michael ann made where i share diy tutorials and projects to help us all become a little more crafty. for the month of may i'm running a series on becoming a more confident crafter with tips and ideas to encourage us all to try new things and practice our skills. i'm really excited to share with you today how to make a super simple phone case with a little bit of felt and thread. this is a perfect first time sewing project if you've been wanting to learn, so let's get started!


materials you will need - - felt! - a scrap of a pretty fabric - a little button you've been saving for just the right project - embroidery thread, embroidery needle, scissors - your phone (for measuring)


1 - cut out a length of felt that is as wide as your phone and 2 3/4 times as long. the bottom should be able to fold to be the height of the phone, and there should be enough to flap over about 3/4ths of the length.

2 - cut your little bit of fabric for the inside of the flap, long enough to hang down past the top of the other felt side about an inch.


3 - lightly draw out a scallop pattern on the edge of the top flap and cut it out of both the felt and lining fabric.


4 - start stitching! fold the bottom flap up and starting on the bottom of one side stitch all the way around. make sure you're sewing the two sides of the felt pocket together, and continue stitching so you sew the lining to the felt on the flap. i used a small basic running stitch, but you could get more fancy with a blanket or whip stitch.


here's a detail shot of stitching the lining fabric to the felt along the scalloped edge. just take tiny stitches and it will look great!


5 - after it's all sewn up, time for the button and button hole! use your button as a guide to mark how wide the button hole needs to be. mark with pins about an 1/8th of an inch out from either side of the button.


6 - stitch a little box with small running stitches to reinforce your button hole, and very carefully cut a slit for the button opening.

7 - stitch your button to the front side of the pocket so it lines up with the button hole.


now slide your phone in and show off your new fancy phone case, 100% handmade by you! i hope you have fun crafting, and i'd love to see any finished products you make! be sure to stop by the blog for more crafty goodness, and more tips for becoming a confident crafter.

happy crafting, and good luck janee on your big move!


  1. So cute and simple! Love it:)


  2. Thanks so you so much for this tutorial. :) Love my new iphone case.

  3. I used this tutorial for a tablet sleeve. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Love the simpleness of this cover!


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