Thursday, May 10, 2012

Misc. Excitment and Silliness

First of all, The Beard made these super really awesome amazing invitations for our going away party. I'm so excited about them I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful I think they are. You'll see. It makes me want to plan a wedding all over again. AMAZING!

We designed them as a square so that I could fold them into origami cranes and send them in little boxes filled with nesting paper! These are the best invitations in the whole world. Thank you baby!


In other news... there's this glorious heavenly gelato company named Grom. Have any of you heard of it? If you haven't I wont blame you, they are based in Italy. The Beard and I first discovered it in 2008 when we were in Italy. They have a location in Florence that we went to at least once a day for a week and a half straight. I'm not exaggerating. Most days we {our group of friends and us} went there twice. There was one day we all went there before dinner, ate dinner, went back to Grom, exited Grom, then immediately re-entered Grom for a third time. My point is this place is amazing. Here are my photos of the one in Florence from 2008:::

 {{{This is dark chocolate and Torroncino}}}

Plus a photo of The Beard and I on a hike in Florence.

All this to say, the other day we were in Malibu {more on that later} driving around looking for someplace new and fun to eat. When lo and behold what do we find? GROM! They have apparently opened several locations worldwide now and one of them just happens to be in SoCal! Needless to say we defied gravity and all the laws of physics in a mad frenzy to get to the door were really excited to get to eat our beloved Grom again. 

 {{{This is pistachio and Bacio}}}

They give you these tiny flat scoop things to eat it with which is awesome because it forces you to eat really slow and enjoy the flavors. Plus, a tiny serving is just as filling and takes just as long to eat and our enormous American servings usually would.

So if you're ever in Italy, Malibu, New York, Paris, Osaka or Tokyo you must visit Grom. 

The end.



  1. 1. those invitations are AWESOME
    2. I want that gelato...NOW :)

  2. I definitely need to find GROM cauz' now, all i can thinking about is a gelato (And it's only 10 am here)
    Thank you! ahah ;)


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