Monday, May 28, 2012

So Much To Do

         ... so little time.

{{{Image via Pintrest, text by me}}}

As The Beard and I are about to embark on a journey that will change our lives forever this oh so trendy phase has been rattling around in my head. You know what they say about only living once? Well I feel like we are "jumping into the deep end" in order to live that life to the fullest.

I'm going to officially be away from my computer after this post. I may reply to emails here and there, but if we are going to be ready to go next Monday I need to focus on packing now. The excitement is definitely mounting. If you think about it, pray for us to have safe travels and to find an apartment quickly once we arrive. I'll do my best to post instagram photos to the blog from my phone while we're on the road; but I'll definitely miss you all.

+++ Here are some a lot of photos of our last-days-in-California adventures:::

Ice cream made with liquid nitrogen at A La Minute in Redlands, CA.


A start-up band we met on State St. while eating our A La Minute. They let us name their band and sang a song about The Beard's beard. All the songs they played they cam up with on the spot. So awesome.


Lemon and funfetti cake pops I made for our going away party.


Photos of us and our friends at our going away party.

 Sister, her hubs, nephew
College friends

My precious nephew.


 Haute Cakes in Newport Beach and Balboa Beach with my Roomie.


Flower fields in Carlsbad, CA


 Luna Bird


My nephew and his grandpa on his 9 month birthday. Boating for the first time around Lake Arrowhead.


:::WHEW::: So many photos. I'm sure I'll have a ton more for you when we arrive in Boston! Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful start to your summer. "See" you soon!



  1. Great photos Janee! It looks like you had a lovely send off party.

  2. Ah, wonderful photos! Wishing you all the best of luck for your move! Stay strong, you can do this! I will miss you! Hugs, my dear sweet friend xxx Love ya!

  3. I love all of your pictures! And that thing that's hanging behind you and your fam I saw a tutorial for that! I must do it!!

  4. I love all of these photos. It looks like you had quite the amazing adventure!!

  5. Awesome pictures! Good luck with the move!


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