Wednesday, June 20, 2012

California to Boston Part 2::: The Deer

To continue our story...

On the night of the second day the fateful event occurred.

We stopped in a small town in Missouri around midnight to get a motel room. As it happens that town was hosting a Route 66 car show the next day so there was not a single room to be had. So we decided to go about 20 miles down the road to the next town. However, on the way there we met an unexpected foe.

 There I was, minding my own business, when all of a sudden I spotted a great huge buck standing smack dab in the middle of the road. I honked and honked and flashed the lights to scare him off the road but to no avail. I braked but it was far too late. And no for the life of me I did not swerve. Then right at the last second the stupid thing jumped right in front of us. We smashed into him with the front drivers side of the car and that sent us spinning. I screamed once then immediately knew I had to focus and keep us alive. I knew if we flipped in my little Yaris we were screwed. I felt the car start to tip and all the "here's what you do in any situation imaginable" training came rushing back to me. I turned (but not too hard) which saved us from flipping. Then the back wheels went off the road into the grass divider area and started to skid which made the car start to tip again in the other direction. So I turned into it again, putting all four wheels in the grass, and saved us from tipping the second time. After that we fishtailed all over the place, bumping in the grass and scraping along the wire median until we finally came to a skidding halt.

I remember the whole time all I could think was #1 - we cannot flip or we will die #2 - I cannot let anything happen to The Beard #3 - I can do this! I was strangely miraculously calm and focused after my initial freak out. After we stopped moving The Beard and I quickly made sure each other were ok, which we were PRAISE JESUS, and jumped out of the car. My door was smashed in and barricaded shut by the wire median so I had to climb out the passenger door. The guy who had been behind us came running up yelling had anyone been hurt. We said we were fine then he started going crazy saying how he totally thought we were going to flip like three times and how unbelievable it was I'd been able to save it. All I can say is God must not have wanted us to die that night because he allowed us to walk away with not even a scratch. PS, Luna Bird is just fine too. He was so brave.

Sadly, we didn't get to take a photo of the bloody beast, he apparently made it to the woods. The next few days were crazy and boring at the same time. We ended up having to stay at the "Precious Moments" hotel.

Its true. Missouri did offer some very beautiful countryside despite our unfortunate circumstances.

AND we got to reconnect with an old family friend who lived near the town we were stuck in. He was beyond generous and kind to us, we will forever be in his debt.

{{{All photos taken with my iPhone.}}}

After three days of trying to figure out what was going on we finally had to say goodbye to my little Yaris forever and continue our journey in a super over-priced rental car. Despite all the trauma, totaling the car ended up being the best thing that could have happened to us! Part 3 tomorrow!



  1. Wow! I remember when a deer ran into our car while we were driving. It's so silly, the amount of damage that a little deer can do to a car while getting absolutely no scratches, eh? -Shirley

  2. Wow, considering the state of your car you were very lucky indeedy. Wwhat a driver you are ... perhaps you should take up banger racing?! Seriously, glad you're both ok.

  3. I am so thankful that all three of you are okay. You are so strong and also so wonderful for moving forward and looking at the positive, still enjoying the rest of your trip even with such a major thing happening. So much love to you all. Glad you are in Boston safe and sound.

  4. Aww, it looks like you spent a good amount of time in Springfield (my home). Missouri is a gem, one that is often overlooked :).

  5. Well, Praise the Lord is right! So glad you are safe!

  6. I am so glad the three of you were ok and nothing happened to you! There were some really great guardian angels watching over you that day! So happy!! xxx

  7. Wow that's so scary! Glad you guys are ok!


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