Friday, June 22, 2012

California to Boston Part 3::: Arrival

After we left Missouri, we drove through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and upstate New York.

Finally we made it to Massachusetts!

Boston is more awesome than I could have imagined. I can't believe I actually get to live here!

On our first day we explored just a little bit, but spent most of our time calling real estate agents to set up appointments to look at apartments. This is where totaling the car became a blessing. Without the car we no longer had to worry about paying for a parking spot to store our car near our new apartment. AND we had more money to spend on our apartment because of the money we got from the insurance company, not to mention the money we are now saving monthly on not having a car payment or car insurance! God works in mysterious ways...

 {{{I've already lost a couple lbs since this photo from all the walking around!}}}

 {{{There are so many old and fascinating things to see here!}}}

 {{{This place makes the most authentic Italian sandwiches I've ever had in America.}}}

 {{{This is the gorgeous park across the street from The Beard's new art studio. Its beautiful.}}}

Up next... photos of our new apartment!



  1. This is soooooo exciting!! I love seeing these photos.

    My boyfriend and I are hoping to take a trip to Boston sometime within the next year..maybe in the fall? I can't wait! We'll probably take a train (from Chicago).

  2. I'm so glad that you guys made it safely! Welcome to New England. I'm happy you're loving our charm!

  3. Awesome! Love it there and you look totally gorgeous! xxx

  4. I was so sorry about the deer car accident but I am glad things are working out. I am an east coast girl who now lives in the Midwest. I miss the east coast but you get to eat great seaford. Enjoy this new adventure, can't wait for you next update.

  5. I love driving through the country, sometimes boring but always pretty! :)


  6. I'm glad you arrived and that you like the city :) And the pics really look gorgeous!

    I hope I can cross the "big puddle" and visit Boston someday :)

    Rainy Days and Stardust

  7. Ah the pattern on the ground is so cute. It looks like such a great place - I definitely want to visit one day!
    ♥ xixia
    visit my new blog?:

  8. Janee--I'm happy to hear that your move went well. Now that you live not too far away from me, I hope that we will find a way to meet 'in person' once things have settled down a bit for you. XXO--


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