Friday, July 20, 2012

New York City::: Round 1

I'm so excited to tell you all about Wednesday. The Beard and I had a fabulous, crazy time in New York City. Oh my goodness. You guys are going to laugh so hard when I tell you what happened to us in the evening.

There is so much to show you guys, lets start at the beginning shall we? I've heard it's a good place to start.

PS. All these photos are from my phone. I took my 5D but didn't use it really... lazy much?

First we went to Times Square. That place is out of control. There are bleachers in the middle of the street! Can someone explain to me why there are bleachers in the middle of the street? And the traffic and the people :::WHEW!::: The movies certainly don't exaggerate the insanity. But it was awesome of course. I just couldn't get over the fact that I was there, I actually got to go to NYC. Never thought that would happen. It's not that its been a huge dream of mine or anything, I just didn't think was likely to be something I'd have the opportunity to do. 

So after we hung out in Times Square we ate lunch at Steak N' Shake. Delicious fast food. I'm a complete traitor and will accept the consequences of my actions::: I liked it better than In-N-Out. Its true.

Then we went to Rockefeller Center and did some shopping. Yep. My husband took me shopping at Anthropologie and J.Crew in Manhattan. To say he spoils me would be a gross understatement. At Anthro we saw a mini art show they had going on, it was pretty dang cool. Then the Beard sat down with a book in a chair and said, "Take  your time, I'll be here." Isn't he a dream? All I bought at Anthro was a Kinfolk magazine. I was saving up for this:::

MECCA. My pilgrimage is complete.

What more could a girl ask for than to shop at J.Crew in Manhattan? I don't know. What I do know is after I tried on an armful of clothes The Beard let me buy all of it. That's right folks, all of it. You see what I'm saying about spoiled?

After we went shopping we went to the MOMA {Museum Of Modern Art}. But I'll get to that later. We're going to talk about dinner and what happened on our way to dinner first.



  1. Love all the pics! You look so cute! And NY, oh my, I remember when I was there the first time and we went to Bloomingdales....loved it and I was only about 8 years old. Will never forget that I saw a woman on the street with a if it were yesterday...haha, now that was random! xxx

  2. I can't wait to see all that you bought! NYC is great

    <3 Melissa


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