Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blowfish Shoes /// What I Wore

Good Morning Friends!

I've wanted a pair of boots from Blowfish Shoes for SO long, you can imagine how excited I was when my Kanne boots came in the mail. They're fabulous and unbelievably comfortable. So naturally the first thing I did in them was go for a forest adventure with The Beard.

Shoes: Kanne by Blowfish | Dress: Anthropologie | Sweater: J.Crew | Tights: J.Crew

I couldn't believe we found mushrooms while I was wearing my mushroom dress! Crazy. Mushrooms always amaze me. God has such a sense of humor doesn't he?

Hope you guys have a great day! It's almost the weekend again. My how time is flying by these days!



  1. Love your boots! So perfect for Fall. And I also love the print of your dress, how totally darling!

  2. Ah, such gorgeous boots and I love your whole outfit! So very pretty! xxx

  3. Those boots are PERFECT! I'm loving the photos and those mushrooms. So cool!

  4. they are really nice- i love them with the mushroom skirt!! x

  5. Love all of this. :)

  6. Drooling over that mushroom dress. and these great pictures of the mushrooms. Mushrooms are my favorite.

    <3 Melissa


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