Monday, September 17, 2012

Kim Welling

Hey Friends!

I was thinking, since today is Monday, and I know we all could use a little extra comfort I'd share some of Kim Welling's work with you.

Kim does several different kinds of work - her illustrations are fabulous - but my personal favorite are her Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes that she sells in her Etsy shop {unfortunately her shop is on vacation till the 8th so click on that "notify me when the shop owner returns" button}. You can also view her other work on her website, blog, or this Pintrest board featuring her work.

I was so thrilled when my Instant Comfort Pocket Box came in the mail. In fact, I instantly felt comforted! Just look at how sweet it is.

Even the packaging is adorable!

The thing that surprised me the most about my Instant Comfort Pocket Box is how sturdy it is. The little pop up pieces are affixed really securely to the box. Now that's some good craftsmanship! 

{{{All photos copyright Janee Lookerse}}}

I hope your day is feeling a little brighter {and comfortable} now!


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  1. Hi Janee, thanks so much for your wonderful post about my work! I love the styling you did in the last picture, fab tree! :-) Kim


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