Friday, September 21, 2012

Tid Bits

Good Morning Friends!

I've been torn recently between wanting to share more about myself with you all and not wanting to sound narcissistic at the same time. That said I've seen this post called "If you really knew me" floating around and thought, "Oh good, another chance for me to share myself with my bloggie friends". However I don't like the title because I try very hard to be myself and sound like myself with you guys. I'd like to think you do really know me just not in person {although many of you I have got to meet in person, and I'm so thankful for that}. All that to say, here's another post about me.

{{{Photo by me}}}

I've recently started collecting plants. All the plants I've owned previously are dead, but I'm determined to keep these alive. Currently I have the three succulents you see in the photo above, an ivy plant, another flowering plant whose species I can't remember, an air plant named Gert and a second air plant is in the mail on it's way to me as we speak {type?}.

I'm a cat person through and through {so why do I have a pet bird? I don't know}. I've had over 10 cats in my life...

The reason I've had so many cats is I grew up in the mountains and well, getting eaten is sometimes a heartbreaking part of life. Although I desperately hope none of you ever get eaten by anything - or anyone. But yes, I grew up in the mountains of Southern California which really should be called large brown hills with a couple scraggly trees.

I learned to drive a tractor as an infant. By 13 I was driving a bobcat by myself to help dredge the bottom of the lake.

My grandma gave me her old sewing machine when I was really young and I taught myself how to sew.

My favorite colors are seafoam/mint and yellow {obviously}. I also really love a good forest green.

I have one sibling, a younger brother, who I love with my whole heart. But my lifelong best friend has always been and will always be my sister. I also have a brother-in-law and a brand new sister-in-law!

In college I was the woodshop technician for 2 years. I loved it and I love building things.

In 8th grade our church youth pastor asked us to give up drinking soda for a year and I haven't drank it since. I mean I've probably drank less than half a dozen soda's since then.

I think Disneyland is literally the happiest place on earth. I've gone at least once a year my whole life and I had a season pass for 6 years straight. I miss it so much.

I've read Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time series 5 times. LOVE IT.

In high school I got in three fist fights. Not my proudest achievement, just stating the facts.

I started working for a paycheck when I was 11. I'm pretty sure my "paycheck" {$1 an hour} came out of my dad's salary. My first college job was at Godiva. I gained 10 lbs in 6 months.

I've owned 5 cars ranging from a totally pimped out Honda Prelude {fo real, we're talking sweet rims, killer stereo and in dash DVD player} to a Jeep Wrangler. I currently don't own a car... you can read about that here.

My husband is without a doubt my best friend. We've known each other our whole lives, literally.

My middle name is Rose.

I've never had cable tv. I've only had tvs that was for watching movies and that's it. And on that note I have about a billion favorite movies which you can see here.

I'm obsessed with miniature things. I've got several large collections of tiny treasures from all over the world. I'll share them with you, hopefully, sometime soon!

That is definitely enough about me. Now it's your turn! If you do a "Tid Bits" post on your blog leave me a link, or if you don't have a blog leave me a comment about yourself. I promise I'll read all of them and get back to you.



  1. LOVE this! It's so much fun getting to know you better! I really enjoyed reading this, friend! xxx

  2. This is a lot of fun. I think the most interesting fact is how you learned to drive a tractor as an infant - I can't even imagine!

    <3 Melissa

  3. yes to seafoam! and I love that you gave up soda for a little bit and then just completely gave it up. that's probably a good choice. and my husband loves miniature things too! they're all so cute, so I don't blame you guys.

    i wrote a "tid bits" kind of post a few weeks ago with all sorts of fun facts. here it is :)

  4. - I love those wine cork succulents.
    - I once did an entire art project in miniature (itty, bitty miniature portraits).
    - I have one brother and one sister too!
    - Madeleine L'Engle = YES PLEASE.
    - You can drive a bobcat? You are officially the coolest.
    I'm glad you shared. :)

  5. I'm too glad that you shared some 'tid bits' about yourself!
    I really like reading about how people spent their childhood, how and where they grew up - there are so many different places on earth where kids live and grow up doing things that other kids would never come across or wouldn't think/need to do or learn.
    I grew up in Hungary in the 80's when the communist era was kicking its last, and I have a real nostalgia for vintage USSR things and love reminiscing about how we didn't have anything like snickers or mars bars or ketchup or coke :)
    One of the soviet ideal female stereotype was one who is driving a tractor in workers overalls and a dazzling smile (something like a pin-up, but on propaganda posters and such), funnily I've never learnt to drive tractors!

    I like small scale things too, I especially enjoy stitching by hand with tiny accurate stitches. I've just made a zombie doll for a swap (sneak peak on my blog :) and had a great chance to live out all my hand-stitching obsessions, doing all the scars and brain and torn dress in embroidery stitches and small details. but shhh it has not been shipped to my partner yet :)

    I'm looking forward to more of your personal stories in the future, and hope to see your collection of mini things too!

  6. I love this!!! You are so cool. :D Also, narcissism isn't a bad thing, at least not in my book... Than again, I am quite a narcissistic. ;) I think I'm pretty wonderful and yeah, I have a bit of an ego but it's not something that is a bad thing (as in, I don't put myself above anyone else, I don't let my ego get in my way, etc., etc.) Learning about you is so fun, lady!

  7. Think it's great to learn more about bloggers one follows! Makes sure one keeps doing so!

    For what it's worth, I'm a silver surfer, recently widowed and finding blogging about the toys I make is keeping me occupied in a way I never thought it could. Was born 70+ years ago in what was then British India (now Pakistan) in a City that unfortunately makes news for the wrong reasons these days - Peshawar. My mum died when I was 8 days old: my dad followed her when I was 10 months old, but I had by then gone to live with an aunt and uncle, who was a tea-planter, and lived in South India. Came back to UK when I was nearly 8, went to boarding school near where I now live, and when I grew up became a Secretary - which took me to South Africa, back to the UK, and then, after marriage 43 years ago, to Canada, where my two daughters grew up (in Alberta, Western Canda). We returned to the UK in 1987, lived all over the country and ended up here in Heytesbury, Wiltshire four years ago, and felt we had come home. Alas, husband's health failed 23 years ago, and he had a hard time until released earlier this year! Circle complete - but I do enjoy this virtual world (even though I'm pretty clumsy within it!) and making the plush toys at and blogging at Call round some time - and follow us: we'd all love to welcome you and get to know you all too! Cheers!


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