Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bayan Hippo + a Giveaway!

Hey Purse Addicts! - this post is for you...

I'm so excited to tell you all about this awesome handmade bag shop I've discovered called Bayan Hippo. It's run by Vildan, a fabulously talented woman and mother of twins. If I had a billion dollars I'd buy you each a bag from her shop. Let me tell you why!

First and foremost - Vildan's craftsmanship is outstanding. In fact I could hardly believe my eyes when I first saw my tote bag. Everything looks so professional from the stitching and seems to the hardware to the adorable Bayan Hippo brand tag. The fabric she uses is excellent quality as well which is of course super important if you're anything like me and carry around your entire life in your bag. Plus I seriously love how wide and study the handles are. Not to mention that the over the shoulder strap is removable - SO convenient!

Second, I love the size of this bag in particular. It's HUGE guys! As I mentioned, I may or may not pack up and carry my entire apartment with me every time I go out. Which means I usually need a bag that's approximately the size of a small car. After packing all my gear into this tote I was ridiculously impressed with the fact that I had room to spare! I fit my laptop, camera, wallet, business cards, zipper pouch, phone, mittens, scarf and all my other smaller do-dads in here. It's amazing.

Lastly, pockets. Oh my, the pockets. This bag is an organizers dream come true. It's got two outside pockets and three big inside lining pockets plus a clip to help you keep track of your keys. When you pack as much stuff into your bag as I do pockets can make all the difference in the world. Phone ringing? Don't worry you're not going to miss it, it's in the perfect phone size pocket! Instead of standing at the door for 15 minutes trying to find your keys... violá! There they are attached to your built in clip.

{{{ Hat : REI | Coat, mittens, jeans : J.Crew | Scarf : H&M | Boots : Ruche }}}

So there you have it! Vildan has many other styles of bags in her Etsy shop as well. Go check them out!

But that's not all ladies... Vildan is offering a coupon code for 10% off your first purchase! 

Use code " YBYB10 "

Plus... have I got you hooked on the tote bag? You can enter here to win the same one I have! Good luck!

P.S. Did you guys notice that super cute sign on the bridge behind me? "The Vermont Country Store Kissing Bridge". Isn't it super cute? We visited the store last week with a friend of ours. I'll be posting photos of it soon.


  1. Blue Eyed Night OwlDecember 27, 2012 at 3:37 PM

    Wonderful! I had my eye on her shop for years and would love to win a pretty tote<3

  2. Enter me
    gfc: martina
    fb: giovanna d'arco



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