Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Decor

This year Christmas decorating has been a little different than anything I've known before. Since we live in such a tiny space we don't have room for a real tree, which I'm very sad about. But we've made due with the space we've got. Even though we only have up about half the decorations we own it's more than enough to make our little apartment quite festive. Have you shared your Christmas decorations? Post a link in the comments if you have!

The little star ornaments hung with our stockings are particularly special to us. We bought them last year on Christmas Eve. There's a little restaurant in the city we grew up in that goes all out with their decorations and I took The Beard to brunch there. It was completely magical especially since The Beard had never been there before. I'm hoping to find someplace like it to take him this Christmas Eve and keep the tradition going.

Here's a photo from my Instagram of the restaurant last year. Isn't it amazing? What traditions do you have?


  1. Such cute decorations! I still need to hang my stocking...and buy one for Craig and Toby! Yeesh.

  2. What great decorations! I agree that decorating our small apartment this year has been a challenge! Luckily I've managed to craft quiet a bunch of decorations and save some money! Check out all of my holiday crafts at

  3. Wish I knew of a restaurant in the Boston area to suggest but I don't know of any that do lots of Christmas decorating. . . if you hear of one let me know! A bit different but a New England tradition that you should check out is the Enchanted Village. I blogged about it here

  4. Wow, these are such beautiful decorations. It's really fun to see all the different ways families decorates their houses. and just look at the restaurant! STUNNING! I hope you have a wonderful Holiday!!! :D


  5. I love the simplicity! and I love the the Christmas card tree!!! What a great idea! I did a little post on my parents Christmas decorations... my mom went ALLLL out this year!

  6. It looks so cozy! Here's what we've done this year : We only have room for a small tree, I think a full one would over power our small living room! xoxo, eliza


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