Saturday, December 22, 2012

Guest Post::: Dawnelle {Just Dawnelle}

Hello all you gift wrapping elves!

Today's guest post comes from a new friend of mine Dawnelle from Just Dawnelle. I really love her style and I think you will too. You'll see plenty more of her in January also because she's going to be one of our lovely sponsors! Yay!


Now I know everyone but me is practically all decorated and ready for the holidays but I had to share this little project I did. I am completely in love with this little wrap job! (It might be though that I really just like wrapping gifts. Seriously my favorite part about Christmas I think.) 

 I love the mix of fabrics and colors as well as the random placement of the circles here. It has the perfect mix of bohemian, upcycled, hipness to it in my opinion! I think really it just screams... "DAWNELLE"

So let's get on with it!

Strips of scrap fabric (you know the pieces that you cut off to square your fabric edges up work perfectly!)
Card stock
Circle punch (or something to cut out circles... I am just a little obsessed with this circle punch at the moment...)

Begin by punching out all your circles. Super fun and oddly fulfilling... LOVE hole punches...

Once you have a great collection of little circles, marvel at the funness of them a while and then push them to the side. Promise we will get back to them!

Begin tying your strips of fabric together to get the desired length you want. Have fun with the fabric too! It doesn't have to match perfectly... that is what makes it different and exciting. The circles are going to bring it all together and make it cohesive.

When your fabric strips are the desired length begin stapling your circles on. Don't worry about being perfect, that's the fun part!

Once you have your packing all ready... wrap away!! Have fun with it! Seriously... you can make all the your packages like little mini works of art. Okay maybe I like wrapping a little too much...

I'm am super excited about the way they turned out though. Now to just get on and wrap all the rest of my gifts!

So what do you think?? Super simple right? Do you love it as much as I do?


  1. Wonderful idea! :)

  2. Gift wrapping is my favorite, too!! I love this :)


  3. Really cute and bohemian indeed:) Will go check out your blog now!

  4. Great idea !! Everything looks fantastic !!

  5. cool idea - i do enjoy the mini nativity scene in the corner...


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