Friday, March 30, 2012


Happy weekend friends! Come back Monday for an extra special surprise!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Featured Artist::: Christine Buckton TIllman

Hi Friends!

Sorry for the lack of communication around here lately. Things have really started to get crazy with making arrangements for Boston and starting to pack and sell all our schtuff. There's so much to do in so little time! It looks like the housing market over on the East Coast is significantly different than what I'm used to over here, so we're going to be leaving a bit sooner, staying with a friend who lives in Boston and finding our new home from over there. Which means quite a bit of rush rushing around for me! But I won't abandon you I promise. I might just be a bit slower with responses and posts. Thanks for understanding!

Todays artist Christine Tillman is not only a talented painter, she's a talented sculptor as well! Here's a little sample of her lovely work. Enjoy!



Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Treasury


Monday, March 26, 2012

Guest Post::: Teal and Tea

Hello friends! It's me Minna, from Teal & Tea Blog! I'm happy to
be back on Janee's blog to share something special with you all!

Here's a little collection of things that i've been liking, and I hope you like it too! (:
Hope you can take the time to "like" Teal & Tea on facebook and follow on twitter!

 + This colorful print makes me happy!
 + I sure do love a clean and bright room!
 + These bowls have gold plated edges, wow!
 + Aww, this is the sweetest little bear illustration
 + Loving this crystal watch by Kate Spade
 + I have yet to own some fabric tape!
 + What a lovely outfit, so simple and nice
 + Oh my! Pretty concrete by Xiral Segard!
 + Such an elegant logo; designed by Tractorbeam

My Week In Instagrams


Friday, March 23, 2012

March Sponsor Intros!!!

It's that time! Time to officially introduce our lovely sponsors. I've loved working with these ladies for the past few weeks and I'm sure you will all love them just as much. Please visit their blogs and shops!

Question of the month::: What is your favorite thing about Spring?

Hi There! My name is Lou and I'm from Foxy Whiskers! I blog about inspiration, fashion, things that make me happy and everything in between. My aim in life is to be happy and I believe that when in doubt, you should bake a cake. Come and say Hi, I'd love to get to know you!

In Australia, Spring is when all the music festivals start up again. It's probably one of my favourite times of the year! A good tune to dance to is just what you need to break out of winter hibernation! 

Hello friends! We are the Honey Pot Girls {Crystal, Daniela, Greta} from We are pet lovers just like you.  We design and distribute a wide range of pet products nationwide + Canada. Our products are uniquely designed, hand selected, tested and catered to you with materials or the highest quality standards. Come joint the fun & shop your heart out! 
XO - The Team

SPRING CLEANING! Is this silly? Perhaps, but let's face it :: There's no better time of year to open up all your windows and dust, organize, and face list your home or office.

Start off Spring with fabulous savings :: 15% OFF with promo code SweetSpring

Facebook ::: Blog ::: Pintrest ::: Shop

Hi, I'm Sarah from Little Penelope Lane. I am a wife and mom to three littles whom I adore. Two of which are girls, so the hair accessory business comes in really handy! I love lazy days at the beach drinking a diet coke with crunchy ice while watching little play in the sand and waves! Blogging is my guilty pleasure that I started about five years ago and it has opened up so many amazing doors and adventures for our little family.  

My favorite thing about Spring is that it means Summer is just around the corner. I LOVE summer time!! 

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My name is Zaira Benson and I am from Las Vegas.  I am an interior designer, but I also love to sew clothes and make other fun crafts.  Through my blog I try to help people get the most out of their living areas by giving simple design tips and useful tutorials.  However, my blog contains so much more since I love pretty much everything that allows me to express myself by creating something I love from nothing.  I’ve put up some of the clothes I’ve sewn on Etsy, feel free to check them out!

My favorite thing about Spring…the colors!  For the past four years I’ve lived in places where the ground is blanketed with snow from November to March.  As Spring approaches the snow melts to reveal the vibrant colors that were hidden by the winter cold.  Watching the world around me become full of life inspires me!

Blog ::: Shop

Hi there! My name is Lauren, and I am the author of a joyful journal. I write about a lot of different things, but tend to stick to faith, style, and life. Life can include crafts, world issues, relationships, my travels, etc. I want to see the world, change lives, craft my saturdays away, write about things really that matter, take on the challenge of never wearing the same outfit twice, give God all the glory, and find His joy along the way. God has revealed to me how amazing and life changing joy can be, so I turned my handwritten journal into a blog so that I could share with you the simple things in life that we can all find joy in. 

My absolute favorite thing about spring is the temperature change and my mood because of it. As soon as the sun starts shining, I feel like a disney character  or something.. with no problems or stress. I just smile all day, it's great!

I offer free sponsorship on my blog! Click here for more info on how to become a sponsor!

My name is Gentri and I am obsessed with blogging. I love to post about life and all of it's adventures including: fashion, crafts/ DIY's, inspiration, what makes me laugh, esthetics, and anything else I feel like posting about. Some of my favorite things in life are my family, roadtrips, mountains, foxes, and ice cream.

My favorite thing about spring is the fresh feeling in the air. Everything seems new and exciting and everyone can feel it.

Aren't they just lovely? Please please go visit them, you'll be so happy you did!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Etsy Exposé {Yeah I changed the name}

... 1... Art Akimbo

... 2... One Eyed Dog

... 3... The Elms Vintage

... 4... Takemoto Eyewear


Featured Artist::: Icon Magazine - Martí Guixé

Icon Magazine - February 2012



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday Treasury


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Freshen Up for Spring with Honey Pot Pet!

Hello all you lovely pet lovers! We're excited to feature a few of our best sellers just in time for Spring 2012! Help your pet look good, smell great, feel amazing!

Freshen things up for Spring 2012 with Honey Pot Pet Studios



Monday, March 19, 2012

Sponsor In April

Hello friends! I am now accepting sponsors for April. If you are interested in being a part of Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard please check out my ad rates here or email me at janee.lookerse at gmail dot com.

Hint hint::: April is special because it is my BIRTHDAY month! And boy do I love birthdays! I will be
hosting a special giveaway sometime this month so now is a great time to be part of the excitement.


An Answer To Prayer

Most of you don't know this, but for the past three years The Beard has been applying to grad schools. Particularly grad schools on the East Coast. Thus far our hopes and dreams have been thrashed and badly beaten. Last year's denial was especially bad. We've felt, lets just say skeptical, about the chances of our dreams coming to life. But all the while we have been determined to keep faith that God has plans for us. Not just any plans but the best thing, the right thing for us. And as always, He has been faithful. This last Friday morning we found out that The Beard has been accepted to the grad program at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA.

That's right friends! The Beard, The Bird and I are moving to BOSTON!!!!

I've never been there, but I couldn't be more excited about this new adventure. We will be moving at the end of June {less than three months away!} and there is so much to do between now and then. Packing, finding a house or apartment to rent, finding the right moving company/truck, choosing classes... SO much excitement!

So if you have any tips or hints about the magical wonderland I am about to make my home, do share! And please pray for us as we embark on this new path God has so generously laid before us.

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