Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekend Project::: Refurbished Chair DIY

The other night The Beard and I were walking down the street when we came across this sweet old chair by a dumpster. I'm sure it must've been a funny sight for anyone who might have seen what happened. There we were going to grab a bite to eat when simultaneously we noticed the chair, stopped in front of it, stood there staring at it, looked at each other, picked up the chair, turned around and started carrying it back towards our apartment. All without saying a word. Hahahaha. I did need a chair for my new sewing desk {don't worry I'll have photos of our apartment set up soon} so it was perfect. And I even managed to turn it into a fun DIY project to share with you guys!

What you'll need:::

A chair
Wood sealer {water based}
Staple gun

1::: Acquire a chair. You could find one by a dumpster on trash day like I did, or you could just pick one up at your local thrift store like a normal person.

2::: Remove the seat cushion from your chair and sand the wood frame.

3::: Paint your chair in your desired color. After the paint dries give it a good coat of wood sealer. Make sure it's water based sealer! If you use oil based sealer it will ruin your paint.

4::: Now you're going to reupholster the seat cushion. There are several ways you can go about this step. Because the leather that was already on my seat was in really great condition I decided to leave it and just put the new upholstery over the top of it. Especially since I didn't know what the stuffing underneath was going to be like this was the easier route for me. If you've got a seat cushion that's all torn up and nasty, or if you want to go all out and redo the padding as well, then you'll want to completely remove your upholstery at this point.

5::: Set your seat on the ground with your upholstery underneath for measuring. Cut your fabric leaving about 6 inches or so on each side for folding and stapling.

6::: If your seat has a rounded side like mine did start with the flat side. Fold your upholstery over the edge of the seat, I also folded my upholstery over on itself before I stapled it for extra security. Now go to town with your staple gun. Don't be shy with those staples. You wanna make sure this fabric isn't going anywhere. After you finish your first side turn the seat around and do the opposite side. It's really important that you do the opposite side next. Pull you upholstery really really tight {you might need to get someone else to help hold the fabric or do the stapling} and staple away. Now the opposite side of my seat was rounded so I had to do pleat like folds every once in a while to keep the upholstery looking neat on the top side.

7::: Now come the corners. The way I did this was sort of like wrapping a Christmas present. I folded the very corners up so they made a point, stapled, then folded the rest on top of it and stapled. I tucked the point part into the fold too so it wasn't loose and flapping around.

8::: After I finished the corners I pulled the two remaining sides really tight as I stapled between the corners. Be sure you're checking how the top side of your seat is looking as you go along. You don't want to get finished and realize the top is all messed up. Remember the under side doesn't need to win any beauty contests, it's the other side that counts.

9::: Once your finished with your seat cushion reattach it to your wood frame and voilá you've got a brand new chair! Who says you can't have a chair that looks exactly how you want it to?

This whole process took me about three hours. Perfect for a weekend project. Looking for something less time intensive? Check out my other tutorials HERE.


Sunny Saturday

I love this yellow treasury from Chelsea Girl Designs so much I couldn't wait till Tuesday to share it with you. Happy Saturday! I hope you all are having wonderful weekends.



Hey Friends,

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Photos

Hello Friends!

I have just a few last photos from our road trip that I wanted to share with you. These two are panoramas I took at the Grand Canyon:::

And these two are from when we stayed with our friend in Missouri. He had 5 acres of property and along with that two very beautiful horses:::

I love horses. I know they're unpredictable and tons of work. But they're just so BIG and pretty!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Have You Entered?

To win one of these prizes? Don't miss out!

Featured Artist::: Alex Katz

I chose this week's artist, Alex Katz, because his work is currently on exhibition in my new hometown. The School of the Museum of Fine Arts is actually where The Beard will be attending in the fall so I thought what better way to get excited than to featured what they're featuring? Maybe that's silly, but it made sense in my head. Anyways, Alex Katz everyone!


What are your impressions of his work? You can find more of it on his website.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Treasury

{{{I curated this next one! Its the first I've done in a long time!}}}


Monday, June 25, 2012


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June Sponsor Intros!

I know it's a bit later in the month than we usually have Sponsor Intros but these ladies have been super patient with me during this crazy month. Lets give them some extra love by visiting each one of them k??

Question of the month::: What is your favorite thing to do for the 4th of July?

Hi, My name is Karen! I'm a TV Producer by day and miniature food jewelry maker by night!  I've decided to open Little Sweet Thing because of my love for things sweet and little. Whether it be rings, earrings or necklaces adorned with donuts, cupcakes or all things mini and sweet, all of my items are guaranteed to be cute and the envy of all your friends!

Living in Southern California makes summers amazing and I love to go down to the beach on 4th of July and watch the fireworks at night on the sand!

How about some sweet savings!? : 15% off with promo code SWEETNESS

Hello, my name is Kiley and I am in love with film photography. My love affair with film began 6 years ago when I picked up a SLR for the first time and everything in my life all of a sudden made sense. I take pictures of abstract body parts, nature, and the people I love, but I also do other things like play the accordion, cook, read copious amounts of literature, make excellent manhattans, and drink lots of tea. 
I friggin' love July 4th! BBQs, running around in a swimsuit all day, swimming, enjoying the sun, beer, fireworks, and good company.

I'm Sue, the girl behind As It Seems. I live in Japan with my husband and puppy and we have lots of fun adventures here. I'm in love with photography and this is one of my most recent and favorite pictures. I am a dreamer to my core and I have a passion for life.

My favorite thing for July 4th is always a bbq & fireworks!

"Anna Delores" is the name of my photography venture, founded in early 2011. The name "Anna Delores" comes from my maternal great-grandmother (Anna) and my paternal grandmother (Delores) in a salute to my heritage and appreciation of the influence of ancestry in my identity as an artist. I love vintage-inspired imagery and strive to integrate vintage elements in each and every one of my photographs.

This July 4th, I'm going to a wedding!  This will be an Independence Day first for me, but I'm pretty sure it'll be my favorite way to celebrate.  Other than that, I love summertime BBQ FOOD! 

Blog ::: Twitter ::: Facebook ::: Etsy

Hello! My name is Minna, from Minna May, a lifestyle + design blog. I am a shop owner / designer / illustrator / jewelry maker / letterpress printer / stamp maker / dog lover / and more! I admit I'm a workaholic, but I love what I do! Hope you take the time to check out my blog and online shops!
My favorite thing to do on July 4th would of course have to be grilling, and eating BBQ! I would eat that stuff every single day if i could! (:

Blog ::: Twitter ::: Facebook ::: Shops .1.2.3.

I often say that I knit so I don't kill people, which is only a slight stretch of reality. Truth is, I knit all the time: while watching TV, at the movies, in the car and basically any other time my hands could be sitting idle. My Etsy shop is the result of my productive hands. I needed an outlet for all the stuff I was making. In addition to knitting, I make fun stud style earrings.

I am Canadian, so the only significance that the 4th holds for me is that it is my half birthday. For Canada day (July 1st) I usually kick back with a beer and enjoy the nice weather.

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Hello! My name is Vixie and I blog over at Matin Lapin, about all sorts of pretty things that I have found and the adventures I find myself having. My favourite things include tea (I am British, after all!), dinosaurs, tiny secret things and glitter. I also have a little shop of the same name where I sell uber sparkly bows and other pretty things - feel free to pop by and say hello some time, the kettle is always on!
Since I live in the UK we don't really do anything for 4th July - however, it is my kitty Yoyo's birthday so we'll probably be celebrating that!

Blog ::: Etsy ::: Pintrest ::: Twitter

"HEY THERE PARTY PEOPLE - It's Maddie at Thriftary. I love to blog about doing more while using less. I also write about my nonsense life, Burley husband, wiley boxer pup, decorating our little bungalow, feeding our chickens & growing our garden, making delicious treats and cocktails, playing dress-up, and loving our little city life in Denver, CO. So I guess you could say I cover anythign and everything. Come on by and check out the site some time! I promise... I won't bite. Cheers.

"4th of July, for me, is all about the suntan by day, and fireworks by night. Preferably in a setting that includes water, because there is very little I love more than watching fireworks burst over the water. Top that off with a few mojitos and my friends/family grilling out and playing some cornhole? Please. Nothing more fun than that.

Thank you ladies for being so lovely during this crazy busy month!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Group Giveaway!

Our lovely sponsors have generously provided some really fun giveaway items for us this week. Don't miss out on your chance to win one!

Prize #1::: A $15 gift card to Forever 21 from Sue of As It Seems.

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Prize #4::: $30 store credit to Anna Delores Photography.

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The giveaways will run till next Sunday at midnight and I will announce the winners next Monday the 2nd. Thanks for entering!


California to Boston Part 4::: Victory!

After only 3 days in the city we were able to move into our new apartment. There are still a few things that need to be taken care of... for instance our oven was back-ordered so it won't arrive for another week or so but we're making due. Our new home is gorgeous and full of light. I'm so thankful for finally being here and for this amazing opportunity we have been given.

For those of you who live/grew up on the East Coast, I am wildly jealous of all the cool things you're used to. There are so many awesome things to see and places to go here, I don't know if I'll ever get over how exciting it is!

{{{All photos taken with my iPhone.}}}

Thank you my lovely readers for being patient with me while we were traveling and for letting me share our journey with you! Next week we will go back to our "regular" posts. I hope you all are having a great weekend!

PS. My shop is officially open again too!