Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sometimes I Feel Like A...

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It's true.

Recently I've been reflecting on the ups and downs of running a handmade shop. I wouldn't have expected this when I opened my shop but it can be quite the emotional roller-coaster! Working with and meeting new people is so fun, but when there's an angry/unsatisfied customer things feel like they go downhill quickly. Julie over at Julie Ann Art actually wrote about this exact same topic the other day and I couldn't agree with what she said more.

It seems as though the handmade movement has become so prevalent buyers expect us small shop owners to operate like huge corporate stores. It feels like very few people understand that actual blood, sweat and tears go into my business. I work long and hard every day. Literally ever day. Most days The Beard puts in a few hours to help me keep up with my shop as well. I don't think very many buyers appreciate that fact.

It's painful when a customer comes back and says hurtful things. I'm not saying there's never cause for complaint. I'm saying there's never cause for rudeness. When I have to deal with unreasonable customers it makes me feel like such a failure. It makes me want to quit. How can I be pouring so much of myself into something only to get a terrible response? But then The Beard reminds me that the good responses far outweigh the bad responses.

This quote is from Julie's post, "It is hard not to let the negativity effect me. I take such pride in the work I do for JAA, it easily hurts my heart when some one thinks the job I do is not good enough. But I continue to remind myself that this stress means my business is doing well. And for that, I couldn't be more thankful."

I can't let one negative ruin a hundred positives. So I guess for me what it boils down to is::: Enjoy your successes. Learn from your failures then move on. Remember it's okay to admit that sometimes your feelings get hurt along the way. And most of all be thankful for the opportunity to be doing what you're doing in the first place.

Thanks for hearing me out guys, it was good to get that off my chest.


  1. beautiful! I loved reading this because it is so relate-able! I'm glad you're looking at it in a positive way instead of negatively. more power to you! :)

  2. Love it. and I can totally relate! Thank you for sharing:))

  3. This. I have such a hard time with this too.

  4. I think you definitely came to the right conclusion. You've actually taken the time to start your own business and follow your dream. People expect a lot and are very hard to work with. Keep up the good work and don't get discouraged!

  5. I'm sorry you have to deal with rude people, but you're right, don't let them ruin all the positive your handmade business has brought and is bringing to you each and every day! You have accomplished so much and you can truly be proud of yourself! Hugs xxx

  6. tif_ramblingsouthernbelleFebruary 17, 2013 at 3:14 PM

    There are ALWAYS going to be people like that in your life..whether it is in personal life or business life. So you have a few idiots who can't control their have others that appreciate the hard work that you put into your craft...they are the ones that are important. You can't make people can't make them not be rude...but you can choose how you handle it. Negativity of any kind hurts...TRUST ME I KNOW! Keep your chin up young person and smile, because there is a happy customer coming soon! XOXO

  7. You are the last person I would consider a failure, but I understand where you're coming from. Customers feel they have every right to insult and belittle you, simply because they offered you cash in return. But I don't think they realize that they're talking to a compassionate, funny and smart person as you. It's regrettable that they resorted to negativity instead of reason but you're better than that and can move on. They'll be bitter and complain, but in the end, you're a hard working business woman that has a lot of successes and good friends to look forward to. :)

  8. Isn't it crazy how we let one negative thing break our spirit and forget all the positive that comes our way? It's all part of learning, growing, and evolving into the person you are meant to be. If you did't let it bother you, you would be ignoring that small voice inside you that makes you the kind person you are. Don't let em' get you down, you are so much more than that! Keep up the beautiful work Janee :) xo

  9. One reason I love buying handmade is you can really get to know the person behind the item. I am so sorry someone forgot that and took some of your joy. You know there are a bunch of us out here that love your work and look forward to receiving whatever goodie you offered that we couldn't live without.


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