Thursday, March 6, 2014

Daily Workout Update

Many of you have asked me how I keep up my routine everyday. The bottom line is you have to want it. It all boils down to that.

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Honestly though, it's okay {good even} to take days off. I know that if I just push myself without any breaks - scheduled or unscheduled - I'll go nuts. I schedule Sundays to be lighter days and I try to take one day every two weeks or so as a "free day". Sometimes I have them planned ahead and sometimes life just happens and I don't get a chance to work out. Either way, having a day off from all forms of exercise definitely helps keep me motivated. 

February was really rough for me and exercising anyways because of my damn ankle. I'll tell you guys what - I'm getting SO tired of this. I walked through some really deep snow when we did this shoot and pulled a ligament in my bad ankle. My physical therapist had said that I was almost back to normal before that. Actually the day after I walked through that snow was supposed to be my last day of physical therapy. But now I have another six weeks or so. I really messed it up. My PT won't let me do any high impact activities {running, jumping, etc}. So for the last two weeks of February and for the next four weeks or so all I'm able to do is low impact exercises at home, yoga and limited swimming. It's been really really really really frustrating after being so close to back to normal. But it'll be okay. It's forced me to remember that fitness isn't about immediate results. It's about the long haul and overall progress. Being set back for six weeks might feel terrible now but it's a very short period in the big picture. If you guys are feeling frustrated with the progress you're making with your goals - remember that! Think long term. We aren't putting our bodies in a microwave people, we're using the crock pot. 

Now for the good stuff. I've got my updated daily workouts for you as well as a few more focused routines I've been adding in about every other day. Recently my whole routine has been taking me about 45 minutes, which is a good long time for me, so I've been doing the secondary routines at a different time. Either earlier in the day or before bed, whatever is opposite my regular routine.

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  1. That takes sound tremendous dedication, you deserve it after all this!

    Buckets & Spades


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