Friday, March 14, 2014

Wear::: Camp Brand Goods

I've been following Camp Brand Goods on Instagram for quite a while now and have always been inspired {read: jealous} by their gorgeous mountain adventure photos. And who couldn't love their amazing logo and clothing designs? Then I started reading more about them and fell in love with the story behind Camp also. I contacted Leslie and asked her if she'd be willing to share their story here and she said yes! I'm so honored to feature Camp Brand here today and I hope you'll take the time to read along and visit their site, stunning blog and shop.

"There is a saying around these parts, “If it’s not comfortable, it’s not Camp”. Since day one, it has been our mission to create high quality fleece and casual wear that reflects our lifestyle of enjoying the outdoors and supporting those who do the same. Camp Brand Goods hails from the foothills of the Canadian Rockies and you can find our products keeping people warm around evening bonfires, under the diamond filled night sky and inside your favourite mountain town taverns. Whether it's a summertime bike ride, a lazy Sunday morning walk with man's best friend, or a weekend in the mountains, you can trust us to keep you comfortable wherever you chose to go. Camp Brand Goods.  Guaranteed Good Times." - Story

1. Tell us a little bit about Camp Brand and how/why you got started.
Camp is owned by my boyfriend, Connor Gould, and I (Leslie McNeilly).  It started in September of 2011 but I didn’t jump on board until a year later when the blogging community picked up on our Happy Camper Longsleeve and things got a little hectic!

2. What makes Camp Brand clothing so comfortable?
We have really strived to make our clothes comfortable, above everything else.   We don’t want to make you a sweatshirt, we want to make your favourite sweatshirt.  The combination of the nostalgic outdoor designs and the super soft fabrics make it really tough for me, personally, to ever want to wear anything else!

3. What is your favorite Camp Brand item and why?
I’d have to say the Original Crewneck.  I think I wear it every single day.  I have worn it with a million different outfits and it’s seemed to work with all of them.  There are a couple of pieces in the soon to be released Spring Collection that I’m REALLY excited about as well!

4. What is your favorite adventure you've been on?
Hmm there are so many to pick from!  Last summer we drove from Calgary to Red Rocks Amphitheater to see Edward Sharpe & Alabama Shakes with 7 of our best friends and our dog.  We took the long way home and spent time in Boulder, Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.  I just named 4 of my favourite places on the planet, so obviously that was an amazing trip.

5. What networking do you do that you feel has most helped Camp grow?
Instagram has been really successful for us.  It’s a really pure form of interaction between us and our customers, in the sense that it’s less about the product and more about sharing good times.  We’ve been able to build some really great relationships with lots of different people on instagram

6. What can we look forward to in 2014 from Camp Brand?
It might be a bit of a stretch to get it out by the end of this year, but sometime down the road we will be getting into pants, jackets, etc etc!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us Leslie! It's been a pleasure getting to chat with you and I look forward to many more Camp Brand adventures in the future. Also, this really is the softest tee shirt I've ever had in my life. I want one for every day of the week!


  1. they have so many cool clothing items. It just costs so much to ship from Canada to the states. Everything looks so super soft though.

  2. i absolutely love this brand! thanks so much for showcasing them!

  3. Absolutely love their logo. And that shirt just looks so soft and comfy...

  4. Love the designs, so cool and look super comfortable



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