Concerning The Beard

 {{{AKA Greg Lookerse}}}

My wonderful husband. I could literally go on for days so I'll try and keep this to the point without too much mushy gushy stuff :) But if you do want more... you can find our wedding photos HERE.

Our history::: Our grandparents worked together for many years. Our parents grew up together. His mom and my dad went to the same one-room school house in elementary school. We've literally known each other since birth. We grew up going to the same church, we went to the same high school. We started dating September 2, 2004 {!!!}. The Beard proposed to me on March 2, 2010. We were married on July 18, 2010. Now we've been married for almost two years and it has been the best years of our lives. We have so much fun together :) We love to play board games and video games, read, go for walks, talk, watch movies, hang out with our friends, geocache, stay home all day in our pajamas... anything together!

His info::: Graduated from Biola University with his BFA in Art with an emphasis in Design.
          Graphic designer master
          HTML/Web ninja
          Illustrator extrodinaire
          Painter phenomenon
          Draughtsman natural
          Installation genius
          and very skilled Sculptor

As if that isn't enough he's good at everything else. There's seriously nothing he can't do. He's even the best husband in the whole world! {Ah! Don't even think about arguing!}

Where you can find him:::

Please check out his site. You'll see that I'm not prejudice when I say he's the best :)